Here is a list of Fine Arts courses at SMCC. T his is a general list of all past and current classes.
Please check the links to the left and the current semester course catalog for details about current offerings. 

Art History and Art Appreciation
ARTH  105 Introduction to Visual Art
ARTH  115 Art and Culture
ARTH  120 Modern & Contemporary Art History
ARTH  125 Art and Society
ARTH  130 World Art
ARTH  135 Documentary Photography
ARTH  140 History of Photography
ARTH  145 Survey of Western Art History I
ARTH  155 Survey of Western Art History II
ARTH  175 History of Illustration
ARTH  185 Comics & Sequential Art
ARTH  295 Portfolio Seminar
Studio Art
ARTS 110  Drawing I
ARTS 120  Ceramics I
ARTS 125  Jewelry & Metalsmithing I
ARTS 129  Drawing on Nature 
ARTS 130  2D Design
ARTS 140  3D Design
ARTS 145  Screenprinting I
ARTS 149  Papermaking: Surface & Structure
ARTS 150  Metal Arts I
ARTS 155  Woodworking Sculpture
ARTS 160  Printmaking I
ARTS 165  Collage, Assemblage & Found Object
ARTS 170  Photography I
ARTS 179  Alternative Photographic Processes 
ARTS 180  Painting I
ARTS 189  Watercolor 
ARTS 190  Illustration
ARTS 210  Drawing II
ARTS 220  Photography II
ARTS 230  Painting II
ARTS 240  3D Design II: Sculpture Studio
ARTS 250  Metal Arts II
ARTS 260  Printmaking II
ARTS 270  Ceramics II

Music and Theater Courses
MUSI 100  Music Appreciation & History
MUSI 105  SMCC Chorale
MUSI 110  Fundamentals of Music

MUSI 125  World Music
MUSI 135  Jazz Appreciation & History
THEA 105  Introduction to Acting
THEA 155  Modern Dance