Music classes at SMCC offer a chance for students to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of various modes of historical and contemporary western and non-western music styles. In addition to the study of western, non-western, and jazz music, students can participate and perform in a gamelan (a traditional Indonesian ensemble) in our World Music course, or sing with our SMCC chorale.
Students interested in theater and the performing arts can sign up for the department's newest course: Introduction to Acting, where they will explore the basics of acting and scene through scene study, improve, and research of local productions. 

MUSI 100 Music Appreciation and History

Music Appreciation and History is a one-semester survey of the Western music tradition, from the chant of the Middle Ages to the art music of this century It includes study of the major composers, genres and forms of each period. An understanding of musical style through repeated listening is a primary goal of the class. Prerequisite(s): none Corequisite(s): none

MUSI 125 World Music

World Music is an introduction to the music and musical life of many cultures of the world, emphasizing the unique character of each musical expression, as well as those elements that are universal to all music. The great diversity of global musical styles will be explored and celebrated, with an emphasis on a relativistic view: the belief that each society has a musical system that suits its culture, and should be understood and appreciated within that cultural context. Prerequisite(s): none Corequisite(s): none

MUSI 135 Jazz Appreciation & History

Jazz Appreciation and History is an introductory survey of American jazz history including key styles and seminal musicians from the birth of jazz until the present day. Prerequisite(s): none Corequisite(s): none

MUSI 105 SMCC Chorale

This performance based course is for students, experienced or inexperienced, interested in vocal music expression The chorale performs several times a year, presenting a variety of musical styles. Basic vocal techniques are taught. Ability to read music is not required. The chorale rehearses once a week throughout the semester. May be repeated a maximum of three times for credit. Prerequisite(s): none Corequisite(s): none

THEA 105 Introduction to Acting

This course will introduce students to the basics of acting and scene study. Students will develop an understanding of the art of acting through improvisational exercises, group discussion and performance of scenes. Students will attend local theatrical productions and write performance reviews.

Performance by the Spring Point Gamelan at the
opening reception for the Senior Art Show 2011.