ARTS 160 Printmaking I

This course will introduce students to a wide variety of approaches to fine art printmaking. Students will explore monoprinting techniques, block printing (including linoleum blocks and woodcuts), collograph and drypoint. Some non-toxic approaches to etching on copper plates may also be included in the class. Students will learn to print by hand and also become

skilled in the use of the printing press. Projects will focus on the exploration of visual themes through a series of prints and by creating editions. Visits to local print workshops and exhibitions will enrich the students' studio experience.

Prerequisite(s): none

Corequisite(s): none

ARTS 260 Printmaking II

This course will expand on topics introduced in Printmaking I. In addition to basic techniques such as collograph, monotype and the relief print, students will investigate woodblock printing and etching on copper plates. The focus will be on creating larger work and extended series of prints as well as printing on non-traditional surfaces. Students will refine their presentation skills through exhibitions of their prints. Out of class work will be expected.

Prerequisite(s): ARTS-160

Corequisite(s): none