Welcome to Fire Science!  Our faculty members strive to give students the very best preparation for a rewarding career in fire/rescue, EMS, wildland and other uniform services and many related risk-management fields. 
Our focus is based on the Community Fire Protection Model - we will help you build skills in proactive (prevention, education), reactive (response, mitigation) and management (leadership, administration) methods so that you are well prepared for a wide range of future challenges and career opportunities. 
We also prepare you to compete for the job you want by helping you build your resume, your character, and your life-long learning and job skills -- all the things you need to be successful, safe and healthy.
Congratulations!  You are embarking on important and demanding careers.  Our academic program is tough. You'll need to apply yourself, manage your time well, study hard and hold yourself accountable when you make mistakes or fall short.  We have high expectations for our students (and faculty), but that's one of the reasons the Fire Science program is so well respected.  Employers know our graduates are "squared away"!   
Contact me anytime to discuss your future and arrange a visit! 
Steve Willis
Professor and Student Live-In-Coordinator
204 Howe Hall
2 Fort Road
South Portland, Maine 04106
Office: 207-741-5808

Welcome to the Fire Science Technology Program.

Becoming true professionals in the emergency services requires that students be prepared to develop their knowledge, their skills, their experience and their character. The Fire Science Technology Program will provide each student with opportunities to progress in each one of these areas.

It is the professional goal of every full time faculty member and adjunct instructor to assist each and every student along the path that will prepare them for an entry level position in their chosen field or to provide support for those who are already in the emergency response professions and are looking for professional development opportunities.

It is the student's obligation to meet each challenge and benchmark with professionalism and competency.

Our program can prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career in a very challenging job market. Our best students get the chance to apply what they learn in the greatest profession on Earth.

Are you ready to be one of the best candidates for future employment opportunities in the emergency services?

Robert Lindstedt
206 Howe Hall
2 Fort Road
South Portland, Maine 04106

J. David "Mac" McLean is former full time Fire Science faculty member now working as an adjunct instructing Fire Service Leadership, Fireground Operations and Fire Instructor courses. 

Mac retired as a career captain from Dover (NH) Fire Department after a 30-year career.  During much of that time, he was an active and well-respected instructor, field supervisor and coordinator with Maine Fire Training and Education, specializing in Live Fire Training and Fire Instructor Certification courses.
Mac graduated from SMCC (then SMVTI) with an A.A.S. in Fire Science, and from University of Southern Maine with a B.S. in Vocational Education. Mac's son, Matt, is a graduate of SMCC's Fire Science and Paramedicine programs, and is employed as a career firefighter-EMT in Dover, NH Fire Department.
"This is a great place to prepare yourself for a successful career in the fire-rescue service," according to Mac.  "The opportunities for education, training, certifications, experience and character building are unbelievable," he continued.
Dave "Mac" McLean