Industry Publications

Paper given by Dixie Chemical Corp. in partnership with SMCC and MCA
(.pdf, 2431K)
Characterizing Molded Package Stress Utilizing Tensile Displacement Measurements by A. Schoenberg
(.ppt, 3764K)
Characterization and Modeling of Solubility and Diffusivity after JEDEC Prescribed Baked Conditioning Vs. Vacuum Desiccation for Mold Compounds, by A. Schoenberg
(.pdf, 226K)
New Elevated Temperature Mold Compound Adhesion Test Method Utilizing Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, by A. Schoenberg
(.pdf, 434K)
A Methodology for Improving Granularity of Wafer Strength Testing to Characterize and Qualify a 150 Micron DFM Wafer Thinning Process, by J. Kingsbury and A.Schoenberg
(.pdf, 1079K)