Marine Science is the study of the ocean and its many components. A marine scientist might study a variety of fascinating topics such as microscopic phytoplankton, sand migration along Maine's beaches, the ever-complex Gulf Stream current, and the future of New England's fisheries. Since 71% of our planet is ocean and only 2-3% has been studied to date, new knowledge will have significant implications for humanity and the potential for new jobs in research. The ocean is increasingly important as a source of food, medicine, raw materials, and new insights into life at its extremes.

Our beautiful campus is located on the coast of Casco Bay. This unique location offers SMCC students the opportunity to experience marine science with extensive hands-on learning activities. Our research vessel takes marine science students into Casco Bay to use modern research equipment such as Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), side-scan and multi-beam SONARs, biological sampling devices, and water-quality monitoring equipment. In addition, students often visit nearby Willard Beach to study sand migration and collect marine invertebrates.

A career in marine science using your AS degree might find you on a ship as a technician or researcher, lead you to a job surveying wildlife along shores and estuaries, or point you to the right four-year university to advance your studies.

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