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Heavy Equipment Operations
HEOP 115 Maintenance & Service - Labbe - Fall 2017 (.docx, 56K)
HEOP 130 Backhoe, Excavator, Bulldozer - Anderson - Fall 2017 (.docx, 54K)
Construction Technology
CONS 105 Tool Safety - Eng - Fall 2017 (.docx, 60K)
CONS 117 Building Concepts - Eng - Fall 2017 (.docx, 60K)
CONS 127 Framing Methods - Eng - Fall 2017 (.docx, 61K)
OSHA 120 Construction Safety - Eng - Fall 2017 (.docx, 54K)
CONS 200 Kitchen Design - Eng - Fall 2017 (.doc, 82K)
CONS 210 Interior Finish & Stairs - Eng - Fall 2017 (.doc, 86K)
CONS 107 Construction Print Reading - Comeau/Aschbrenner - Fall2017 (.pdf, 126K)
Precision Machining and Manufacturing
MACH 115-01,02 Precision Machining and Manufacturing_syllabus - Rev F17-JB.pdf (.pdf, 209K)
MACH 215 01 Introduction to CNC Machining -Theory and Lab Rev F17.pdf (.pdf, 212K)
MACH-275 Internship Rev F17.pdf (.pdf, 172K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -John Gallagher F17.pdf (.pdf, 291K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -Kein Rev F17.pdf (.pdf, 292K)
Auto 155-11 Moore (.pdf, 138K)
Auto 155-12 Moore (.pdf, 138K)
Auto 160 Moore (.pdf, 190K)
Auto 210-11 Moore (.pdf, 139K)
Auto 210-12 Moore (.pdf, 139K)
Auto 280 Moore (.pdf, 369K)
AUTO-101-11 Morrison (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-101-12 Morrison (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-102-11 Morrison (.pdf, 277K)
AUTO-102-12 Morrison (.pdf, 277K)
AUTO-205-11 Morrison (.pdf, 271K)
AUTO-260-11 Morrison (.pdf, 256K)
AUTO-260-12 Morrison (.pdf, 256K)
AUTO-111-11 Morrison and Daniels (.pdf, 261K)
AUTO-112-11 Morrison and Daniels (.pdf, 269K)
AUTO-116-11 Fearon (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-117-11 Fearon (.pdf, 267K)
AUTO-215-11 O'Brien (.pdf, 256K)
AUTO-215-12 O'Brien (.pdf, 256K)
HORT 110 21 Woody Plant Materials-Rich Fall 2017 (.pdf, 490K)
HORT-220-11-Kelly (.docx, 48K)
BIOL 115 11 Botany-Rich Fall 2017 (.pdf, 165K)
HORT 200 11 Herbaceous Plant Materials-Rich Fall 2017 (.pdf, 267K)
HORT 210 11 Landscape Surveying and Mapping-Rich Fall 2017 (.pdf, 246K)
ENGL-115-09 Dunn (.docx, 23K)
Architectural and Engineering Design
AEDD-160-01 Abbott (.doc, 153K)
AEDD-170-01 Abbott (.doc, 128K)
AEDD-105-R1 Aschbrenner (.pdf, 228K)
COMM-201-01-Sampson (.pdf, 202K)
Heating, A/C ref. & Plumbing
HVPL-100-01 Ford (.docx, 74K)
HVPL-105-01 Ford (.docx, 75K)
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Heating, A/C ref. & Plumbing
HVPL-205-01 Ford (.doc, 94K)
AUTO-101-11 Morrison (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-102-11 Morrison (.pdf, 277K)
AUTO-170-11 Morrison (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-205-11 Morrison (.pdf, 264K)
AUTO-205-12 Morrison (.pdf, 264K)
AUTO-111-M1 Bonpietro (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-112-M1 Bonpietro (.pdf, 265K)
AUTO-116-T1 Fearon (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-117-T1 Fearon (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-155-11 Arnold (.pdf, 259K)
AUTO-155-12 Arnold (.pdf, 259K)
AUTO-265-11 Arnold (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-270-11 Arnold (.pdf, 259K)
Auto 160-Moore (.pdf, 228K)
HORT-290W1-Kelly (.pdf, 131K)
Hort 250 Palm (.doc, 99K)
Hort 100-11 Palm (.doc, 97K)

Tues 1:30-4:20 pm

Hort 100-T1 Palm (.doc, 97K)

Tues 5:00-7:50pm

Hort 100-21 Palm (.doc, 97K)

Thurs 9:00-11:50 am

HORT-140-11 Rich (.docx, 33K)
HORT-140-21 Rich (.docx, 33K)
BIOL-115-11 Rich (.doc, 50K)
Architectural & Engineering Design
COMM-210-W1 Technical Writing/Communication - Sampson (.docx, 39K)
AEDD-105-T1 Aschbrenner (.pdf, 228K)
AEDD-100-01, W1 Print Reading - Comeau (.pdf, 121K)
AEDD-205 Technical Illustration - Comeau (.pdf, 167K)
AEDD-250 Mechanical Design - Comeau (.pdf, 108K)
AEDD-140 Intro to Interior Design - Comeau/Morrissette (.pdf, 259K)
AEDD-216 Sustainable Design - Belleau (.pdf, 142K)
AEDD-105 CAD Graphics - Richardson (.pdf, 239K)
AEDd-160 CAD Applications - Richardson (.pdf, 197K)
AEDD-260 CAD Managerment - Richardson (.pdf, 229K)
AEDD-255 Applied Engineering Buildings - Richardson (.pdf, 339K)
AEDD-165 Basic Architecture CAD - Labrecque (.pdf, 114K)
AEDd-170 Parametric Solid Modeling Solidworks - Rallis (.pdf, 163K)
Precision Machining & Manufacturing
WELD-100 Intro to Welding - Kein (.doc, 80K)
WELD-100 Intro to Welding- Gallagher (.doc, 80K)
MACH-265 Bolduc /Brydon (.pdf, 202K)
MACH-100 Intro to Machining - Bolduc (.doc, 42K)
MACH-165 Advanced Machining - Narciso (.doc, 82K)
MACH-165 Advanced Machining lab - Peippatt (.doc, 82K)
MACH-275 Internship- Brydon / Narciso (.docx, 37K)
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Architectural & Engineering Design
AEDD-205 Technical Illustration - Kimball (.pdf, 170K)
AEDD-220-W1 Huse (.pdf, 410K)
AEDD-100-01 Print Reading - Comeau (.pdf, 121K)
AEDD-105-03 CAD Graphics - Comeau (.pdf, 198K)
AEDD-160 CAD Applications - Comeau (.pdf, 154K)
AEDD-255-01 Applied Engineering Buildings - Comeau (.pdf, 94K)
Auto 116-11-Brakes 1-Moore (.pdf, 147K)
Auto 117-11-Brakes2-Moore (.pdf, 148K)
Auto 160-11-Business Ops-Moore (.pdf, 141K)
Auto 270-11-Engine Performance2-Moore (.pdf, 144K)
Auto 155-11 Moore (.pdf, 183K)
Auto 155-12 Moore (.pdf, 183K)
Auto 210-11 Moore (.pdf, 282K)
AUTO-101-11 Morrison (.pdf, 262K)
AUTO-101-12 Morrison (.pdf, 262K)
AUTO-102-11 Morrison (.pdf, 281K)
AUTO-102-12 Morrison (.pdf, 281K)
AUTO-205-11 Morrison (.pdf, 270K)
AUTO-260-11 Morrison (.pdf, 258K)
AUTO-170-11 Morrison (.pdf, 262K)
AUTO-111-11 Dye (.pdf, 262K)
AUTO-112-11 Dye (.pdf, 266K)
AUTO-215-11 Dye (.pdf, 191K)
AUTO-265-11 Dye (.pdf, 190K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -John Gallagher F16.doc (.doc, 80K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -Kein Rev F16.doc (.doc, 80K)
HORT -240-11 Albert (.doc, 40K)
BIOL-115-11 Rich (.pdf, 123K)
HORT-110-21 Rich (.pdf, 336K)
HORT-200-11 Rich (.pdf, 191K)
HORT-210-11 Rich (.pdf, 170K)
BIOL-115-W1 Southworth (.pdf, 136K)
Hort 130-01 Palm (.doc, 89K)
Hort 130-02 Palm (.doc, 89K)
Hort 110-11 Palm (.doc, 97K)
Hort 230-11 Palm (.doc, 89K)
Hort-220-11-Kelly (.pdf, 477K)
Heating, A/C ref. & Plumbing
HVPL-100-01 Ford (.docx, 74K)
HVPL-105-01 Ford (.docx, 75K)
HVAC-120-Kadnar (.docx, 96K)
ELEC-100-Kadnar (.doc, 98K)
HVAC 115 01 - Carney - Fall 2016 (.doc, 87K)
Precision Machining and Manufacturing
MACH-215 Introduction to CNC Machining-Bolduc.Bydon (.doc, 86K)
MACH 115-01-02 Intro Precision Machining and Manufacturing (.docx, 71K)
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HORT-290-W1 Kelly (.pdf, 132K)
Hort 100 11 Palm (.doc, 97K)
Hort 100-21 Palm (.doc, 99K)
Hort 250 Palm (.doc, 99K)
HORT-140-11-Rich (.pdf, 194K)
HORT-140-21-Rich (.pdf, 194K)
BIOL-115-11 (.pdf, 131K)
Hort 180/280 Freshman/Senior Seminar Palm (.doc, 103K)
Electrician Technology
ELEC105-Harry Applin (.pdf, 87K)
Electrical Engineering
ELEC-130-01-Lundy (.doc, 40K)
ELEC-130-02-Lundy (.doc, 40K)
Architectural & Engineering Design
AEDD 105 02 KIMBALL (.pdf, 251K)
AEDD 105 R1 KIMBALL (.pdf, 510K)
AEDD-160-W1-Abbott (.doc, 152K)
AEDD-170-01 Abbott (.doc, 113K)
AEDD-250-01 Abbott (.doc, 102K)
AEDD-260-01 Abbott (.doc, 51K)
COMM-100-01 Sampson (.docx, 77K)
AEDD-220 Architectural BIM _Comeau (.pdf, 410K)
AEDD-100 Print Reading_Comeau (.pdf, 161K)
AEDD-140 Intro to Interior Design _Comeau (.pdf, 266K)
AEDD-205 Technical Illustration Comeau (.pdf, 167K)
CMIT-140-BK-Perrin.pdf (.pdf, 454K)
MACH-165 (.doc, 82K)
ENGR-100-BK Greisen (.doc, 93K)
ENGR-250-BK (.doc, 91K)
Construction Technology
CONS-130 Construction Design Comeau (.pdf, 116K)
Precision Machining & Manufacturing
MACH 256 11 CNC Machining Lab Rev S16.doc (.doc, 81K)
MACH 256 11 CNC Machining Lab Rev S16.doc (.doc, 81K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -John Gallagher F15.pdf (.pdf, 280K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -Kein Rev F15.pdf (.pdf, 280K)
MACH-165 Advanced lab theory (.doc, 82K)
Heating, AC, Refrigeration & Plumbing
HVAC-220-01 Ferguson (.doc, 481K)
HVPL-205-01 Ford (.doc, 94K)
ENG-100-01/02 Wyman (.doc, 100K)
Computer Science
CSCI-110-01-DeSimone (.pdf, 179K)
CSCI-110-02-DeSimone (.pdf, 179K)
CSCI-110-03-DeSimone (.pdf, 179K)
CSCI-290-all-Applin (.pdf, 379K)
CSCI-105 Moore (.pdf, 64K)
CSCI-230-01-Green (.pdf, 125K)
CSCI-160-all Applin (.pdf, 210K)
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Computer Science
CSCI-105-01-harding (.pdf, 276K)
CSCI-110-02-Applin (.pdf, 304K)
CSCI-160-01-Applin (.pdf, 281K)
CSCI-250-01-Applin (.pdf, 254K)
CSCI_275_01_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 152K)
CSCI-110-03-Applin (.pdf, 304K)
Computer Information Security
INSC 110 W1 Marcoccio (.pdf, 156K)
ELEC-175-M1-OSGOOD (.doc, 43K)
INSC-110-JACQUET (.docx, 45K)
Auto 270 Engine Perf 2 (.pdf, 144K)
Auto 155 Electrical (.pdf, 139K)
Auto 115 Brakes (.pdf, 169K)
Auto-110-11-Browne (.docx, 87K)
Auto-210-11-Browne (.docx, 84K)
Auto-215-11-Browne (.docx, 85K)
AUTO-105-11 Morrison (.pdf, 250K)
AUTO-105-12 Morrison (.pdf, 250K)
AUTO-205-11 Morrison (.pdf, 265K)
AUTO-260-11 Morrison (.pdf, 251K)
Auto Business 160 (.pdf, 141K)
Hort-220-11 Kelly (.doc, 44K)
Hort 110-11 Palm (.pdf, 428K)

Woody Plant Material

Hort 130-02-Palm (.pdf, 254K)

Thursday Soils course

Hort 130-01 (.pdf, 315K)

Friday Soils course

Hort 230 (.pdf, 260K)

Nursery and Garden Center Operations

HORT-110-11 Rich (.pdf, 332K)
HORT-200-11 Rich (.pdf, 189K)
HORT-210-11 Rich (.pdf, 168K)
BIOL-115-11 Rich (.pdf, 121K)
Electrical Engineering
ELEC-110-01 Lundy (.docx, 56K)
ELEC-110-02 Lundy (.docx, 56K)
ELEC-170-01 Lundy (.doc, 51K)
ELEC-175-01-OSGOOD (.doc, 45K)
ELEC-175-M1-OSGOOD (.doc, 43K)
Precision Machining
MACH 205 01 Introduction to CNC Machining -Theory Bolduc.Brydon Rev F15 (.doc, 79K)
MACH 206 11 Introduction to CNC Machining Lab Rev Bolduc.Brydon F15 (.doc, 78K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -Gallagher Rev F15 (.pdf, 280K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -Kein Rev F15 (.pdf, 280K)
Mach 105-01 Basic Machine Theory Narciso, Peppiatt (.docx, 68K)
Mach 106-01 Basic Machine Practice Lab Narciso, Peppiatt (.doc, 88K)
Computer Information Technology
CMIT-105-BK Perrin (.docx, 61K)
CMIT-110 Plourde (.docx, 46K)
CMIT-100-02 Hussey (.pdf, 203K)
CMIT-105-05 Hussey (.pdf, 189K)
CMIT-120-01 Hussey (.pdf, 397K)
CMIT-140-02 Hussey (.pdf, 373K)
CMIT-225-01 Hussey (.pdf, 210K)
CMIT 100 M1 RTest (.pdf, 170K)
CMIT-105-Plourde (.docx, 64K)
CMIT-100-BK KDay (.pdf, 204K)
CMIT-270-01 Basham (.docx, 155K)
CMPT-151-BA-Aiello (.pdf, 594K)
CMIT-100-JACQUET (.docx, 50K)
CMIT 105 03 Fortin (.pdf, 112K)
Heating, A/C ref. & Plumbing
HVPL-100-01 Ford (.docx, 74K)
HVPL-105-01 Ford (.docx, 74K)
HVAC-120-01-Ferguson (.docx, 62K)
HVAC 115 Residential Heating Systems - Carney.doc (.doc, 87K)
Composites Science & Manufacturing
COMP-100-01 Schoenberg (.docx, 66K)
COMP-115-01 Abbott (.doc, 141K)
COMP-160-01 Schoenberg (.docx, 65K)
COMP-110-01 Turcotte (.docx, 64K)
COMP-250-01 Schoenberg (.docx, 64K)
Architectural & Engineering Design
AEDD-160-01 Abbott (.doc, 153K)
AEDD-250-01 Abbott (.doc, 103K)
AEDD-170-01 Abbott (.doc, 112K)
AEDD-105-02 Kimball (.pdf, 251K)
AEDD-205-R1 Kimball (.pdf, 170K)
AEDD-100 Comeau (.pdf, 187K)
AEDD-105 Comeau (.pdf, 222K)
AEDD-165 Comeau (.pdf, 159K)
AEDD-216 Comeau (.pdf, 137K)
AEDD-100-R1 Walsh (.pdf, 160K)
AEDD-105-T1 Walsh (.pdf, 176K)
AEDD-260-01 Abbott (.doc, 50K)
BIOL-115-W1 Southworth (.docx, 72K)
ENG-100-01/02 Wyman (.doc, 95K)
ENGR-200-BK Greisen (.doc, 90K)
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Integrated Manufacturing, Machining and Welding
MACH 255 01 CNC Programming with Solidworks and Mastercam- Rev S15.pdf (.pdf, 197K)
MACH 256 11 CNC Machining Lab Rev S15.pdf (.pdf, 198K)
MACH 275 Integrated Manufacturing Internship - Rev S15.pdf (.pdf, 116K)
WELD 155 01 Advanced Welding Theory - Gallagher Rev S15.pdf (.pdf, 260K)
WELD 156 Advanced Welding Lab -Gallagher Rev S15.pdf (.pdf, 199K)
WELD-100 -Bob Dee Rev S15.pdf (.pdf, 280K)
WELD-100 -Intro to Welding -Kein Rev F15.pdf (.pdf, 280K)
ENG-100-01/02 Wyman (.doc, 93K)
HORT-140-11 Rich (.pdf, 229K)
HORT-140-21 Rich (.pdf, 229K)
BIOL-115-11 Rich (.pdf, 113K)
HORT-290-W1-Kelly (.pdf, 97K)
BIOL-115 Naiden (.doc, 28K)
Heating, AC, Refrigeration, and Plumbing
HVPL-205-01 Ford (.doc, 93K)
Electrical Engineering
ELEC-110-01 Feeney (.doc, 90K)
ELEC-250-01 Feeney (.docx, 45K)
ELEC 250 M1 Osgood (.doc, 40K)
ELEC 160 T1 Osgood (.doc, 43K)
Construction Technology
SUST-140-01-Eng (.doc, 102K)
Cons-160 01 Armontrout (.pdf, 154K)
CONS-130-01 Construction Design - Comeau (.pdf, 228K)
Computer Science
CSCI-110-01-Applin (.pdf, 260K)
CSCI-110-03-Applin (.pdf, 260K)
CSCI-160-01-Applin (.pdf, 266K)
CSCI-160-02-Applin (.pdf, 266K)
CSCI-290-01-Applin (.pdf, 269K)
Composite Science and Manufacturing
COMP-150-01 Schoenberg (.docx, 64K)
COMP-205 -01 Schoenberg (.docx, 65K)
COMP-105-01 Turcotte (.docx, 65K)
COMP-210-01 Jacob (.docx, 71K)
COMP-200-01 Turcotte (.docx, 65K)
Automotive Technology
Auto 115-11-Moore (.pdf, 168K)
Auto 115-12-Moore (.pdf, 168K)
Auto 155-11-Moore (.pdf, 139K)
Auto 155-12-Moore (.pdf, 139K)
Auto 160-01-Moore (.pdf, 138K)
Auto 270-11-Moore (.pdf, 144K)
AUTO-105-11 Morrison (.pdf, 248K)
AUTO-105-12 Morrison (.pdf, 248K)
AUTO-205-12 Morrison (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-205-11 Morrison (.pdf, 260K)
AUTO-260-11 Morrison (.pdf, 250K)
AUTO-170-11 Morrison (.pdf, 255K)
CONTROLS 1- ELEC 160 T1 Osgood (.doc, 43K)
Auto-210-11 Browne (.docx, 83K)
Auto-215-11 Browne (.docx, 85K)
Auto-265-11 Browne (.docx, 81K)
Auto 110-11 Browne (.docx, 86K)
Architectural and Engineering Design
AEDD 250-01 Abbott (.doc, 103K)
Mechanical Design
AEDD 260-01 Abbott (.doc, 50K)
CAD Management
AEDD 170-01 Abbott (.doc, 105K)
Parametric Modeling with SolidWorks
AEDD 100 01 Kimball (.pdf, 182K)
AEDD 165 W1 Kimball (.pdf, 420K)
AEDD-100-02 Print Reading - Comeau (.pdf, 161K)
AEDD-140-01 Interior design - Comeau (.pdf, 259K)
AEDD-205-01 Technical Illustration - Comeau (.pdf, 364K)
AEDD-220-T1 Architectural BIM Revit - Comeau (.pdf, 452K)
AEDD-160-W1 CAD Applications - Danis (.pdf, 379K)
AEDD-210-R1 CAD 3D - PRichardson (.pdf, 468K)
AEDD-105-01 and 03 CAD Graphics - PRichardson (.pdf, 252K)
AEDD-170-R1 Parametric Modeling - Rallis (.pdf, 184K)
AEDD-255-01 and 02 Applied Engineering Building - PRichardson (.pdf, 334K)
AEDD-105-02 CAD Graphics Kimball (.pdf, 251K)
ELEC 160 T1 Osgood (.doc, 43K)
ELEC 250 M1 Osgood (.doc, 40K)
MACH 205 01 Introduction to CNC Machining -Theory Bolduc.Brydon Rev F15 (.doc, 79K)
MACH 206 11 Introduction to CNC Machining Lab Rev Bolduc.Brydon F15 (.doc, 78K)
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