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BUSN 130 BK Reeves (.docx, 71K)
HSPM 230-LASALLE (.pdf, 245K)
BUSN 100-01 Reuscher (.doc, 48K)
CMPT151 D1, D2, D2 Giovannini (.pdf, 146K)
Econ-120-02 Leland (.docx, 67K)
ECON-125-D1LUGLI (.docx, 160K)
BUSN 100-02 Reuscher (.doc, 46K)
BUSN 100-03 Reuscher (.doc, 47K)
BUSN-260-M1 Gousse (.pdf, 189K)
BUSN 130-D1 Neujahr (.docx, 100K)
BUSN 255-01 Reuscher (.doc, 50K)
BUSN 255-02 Reuscher (.doc, 52K)
BUSN 255-03 Reuscher (.doc, 52K)
BUSN 195-D1 Grasky (.docx, 49K)

Syllabus for Business Modeling with Excel

BUSN 130-01 Neujahr (.docx, 99K)
BUSN 265-D1 Neujahr (.docx, 95K)
BUSN 106-D1 Neujahr (.doc, 204K)
BUSN 106-01 Neujahr (.doc, 209K)
ECON 120 01 FORD (.docx, 52K)
ECON 125 01 FORD (.docx, 52K)
ECON 125 BK- FORD (.docx, 102K)
ECON 125-02 ATWOOD (.pdf, 200K)
BUSN 260 Vlachos (.doc, 41K)
BUSN 115 Vlachos (.doc, 40K)
BUSN-100-D1 Rasmussen (.pdf, 610K)
BUSN-100-D2 Rasmussen (.pdf, 610K)
BUSN-100-D3 Rasmussen (.pdf, 610K)
CMPT 151 01 Nightingale (.pdf, 216K)
ACCT-105-02 - Coffman (.doc, 59K)
ACCT-105-T1 - Coffman (.doc, 55K)
ACCT-155-D1 - Coffman (.doc, 64K)
MARKETING-200-01,M1 FEE (.doc, 78K)
Personal Finance-115-01 FEE (.doc, 31K)
ACCT-155-W1-Durgin (.doc, 58K)
ECON-125-M1-Durgin (.doc, 44K)
BUSN 100 BK Reeves (.docx, 51K)
SPTM-205-01 Burton (.docx, 112K)
BUSN-115-R1-Durgin (.docx, 50K)
SPTM-105-01 Wells (.doc, 47K)
ACCT-105-03-STRAND (.doc, 41K)
ACCT 105-04-STRAND (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-205-01-STRAND (.doc, 44K)
BUSN-275-01-STRAND (.doc, 35K)
ACCT-105-D1-STRAND/ON-LINE (.docx, 84K)
BUSN-115_D2 Lovell (.doc, 46K)
ECON-120-D1, D2, D4 Lovell (.doc, 47K)
Econ-120-D3 Leland (.docx, 63K)
ECON-125-R1-Rasmussen (.pdf, 923K)
ACCT-155-02 - Coffman (Updated) (.doc, 61K)
ACCT-155-01 - Coffman (updated) (.doc, 61K)
Communications and New Media
CNMS-240-01 Harnett (.docx, 148K)
CNMS_120_Howard (.pdf, 98K)
FIGS 100 02 FIG -- New Media Monsters - Lewis (.pdf, 119K)
CNMS 120-W1 Harnett (.docx, 58K)
CNMS-275-D1-Green.pdf (.pdf, 43K)
CNMS-235 Fahrman (.pdf, 94K)
CNMS-115 Fahrman (.pdf, 74K)
CNMS 135 Guthrie (.docx, 40K)
CNMS 111 Guthrie (.docx, 29K)
CNMS 120-01 Guthrie (.pdf, 82K)
CNMS 111-02 Jacobson (.docx, 29K)
CNMS 135-D1 Guthrie (.docx, 40K)
CNMS-135-01 Guthrie (.docx, 40K)
CNMS 115 Lewis (.pdf, 129K)
CNMS 111 Digital Foundations Lewis (.pdf, 133K)
CNMS-105-01 Tracy (.docx, 58K)
CNMS-165-R1-Hebert (.pdf, 122K)
CNMS-296-01/D1 Sibole (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS-205-01 Sibole (.pdf, 181K)
CNMS 180-01 Sibole (.pdf, 179K)
CNMS 240-02 Harnett (.docx, 147K)
CNMS 105 02 - Coleman (.docx, 44K)
CNMS 125 01 - Coleman (.docx, 44K)
CNMS 251 01 - Coleman (.docx, 44K)
CNMS 120-D1 Sibole (.pdf, 181K)
CNMS115_ART130_Howard (.pdf, 155K)
CNMS-160-02 (Norman) (.pdf, 157K)
CNMS-160-01 (Norman) (.pdf, 157K)
CNMS-230-01 (Norman) (.pdf, 156K)
CNMS-270-01 (Norman) (.pdf, 1378K)
CNMS 115/ARTS130 Lewis (.pdf, 134K)
CNMS 115-D1/D2 McNulty (.pdf, 106K)
Computer Information Sciences
CMIT 225 T1 SFortin.pdf (.pdf, 267K)
CMIT-100-M1-Day (.pdf, 160K)
CSCI-104-01-Greene (.docx, 50K)
INSC 260 John Miller (.pdf, 621K)
CMIT 100 D1 RTest (.pdf, 209K)
CMIT 105 W1 RTest (.pdf, 229K)
CSCI-110-01,M1,D1-Green.pdf (.pdf, 74K)
INSC-160-D1-Plourde (.pdf, 381K)
INSC-170-01-plourde (.pdf, 424K)
INSC-280-01-plourde (.pdf, 331K)
CMIT-110-01-Plourde (.pdf, 317K)
CSCI-110-02-Applin (.docx, 80K)
CSCI-160-Both-Applin (.pdf, 448K)
CSCI-290-01-Applin (.pdf, 433K)
Hospitality Management
HSPM 101 (01) English (.docx, 55K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Computer Science
CSCI-160-01-Applin (.pdf, 391K)
CSCI-250-01-Applin (.pdf, 337K)
CSCI-290-01-Applin (.pdf, 248K)
CSCI 110-01, -D1, -D2 - Green (.pdf, 75K)
Computer Information Sciences
CMIT 105 W1 RTest (.pdf, 229K)
CMIT 100 D1 RTest (.pdf, 209K)
CMIT 105 D1 RTest (.pdf, 212K)
CMIT-105-01-Hussey (.docx, 45K)
CMIT-105-02-Hussey (.docx, 45K)
CMIT-225-01-Hussey (.docx, 45K)
CMIT-225-02-Hussey (.docx, 45K)
CMIT-270-01-Hussey (.docx, 48K)
CMIT-225-T1-Fortin (.pdf, 260K)
Culinary Arts
CULA 120-01 & 02, POULIN (.docx, 346K)
CULA 210, POULIN (.docx, 65K)
CULA 250, POULIN (.docx, 28K)
BUSN 130 01 NEUJAHR (.docx, 99K)
BUSN 130 02 NEUJAHR (.docx, 99K)
BUSN 130 D1 NEUJAHR (.docx, 100K)
BUSN 106 D1 NEUJAHR (.doc, 202K)
BUSN 265 D1 NEUJAHR (.docx, 95K)
BUSN 100 01 Reuscher (.doc, 47K)
BUSN 100 02 Reuscher (.doc, 47K)
BUSN 100 03 Reuscher (.doc, 46K)
BUSN 255 01 Reuscher (.doc, 49K)
BUSN 255 02 Reuscher (.doc, 45K)
SPTM 105 01 Reuscher (.doc, 44K)
BUSN 200-01 FEE (.doc, 79K)
ECON 120 BK FORD (.docx, 51K)
ECON 125 01 FORD (.docx, 53K)
ECON 125 02 FORD (.docx, 141K)
BUSN 195 D1 GRASKY (.docx, 49K)
ECON 125 D1 ATWOOD (.pdf, 199K)
ECON 125 D3 ATWOOD (.pdf, 199K)
ACCT 105-03 Financial Acctg- Strand (.doc, 41K)
ACCT 105-04 Financial Acctg- Strand (.doc, 41K)
ACCT 205-01 Intermed Acctg- Strand (.doc, 43K)
ACCT 105-D1 Financial acctg on-line Strand (.docx, 85K)
BUSN 275-01 Business Internship- Strand (.doc, 35K)
ECON-125-D2LUGLI (.doc, 54K)
ACCT 155-R1-Durgin (.doc, 59K)
ECON 120-M1-Durgin (.docx, 22K)
ACCT 105-T1-Durgin (.doc, 42K)
ACCT 105-W1-Durgin (.doc, 43K)
BUSN-115_Vlachos_online (.doc, 40K)
BUSN-260_Vlachos-online (.doc, 41K)
BUSN-260-01 Gousse (.pdf, 190K)
SPTM-155-01 Filippone (.docx, 80K)
ACCT-155-01-COFFMAN (.doc, 57K)
ACCT-155-02- COFFMAN (.doc, 57K)
ACCT-105-01- COFFMAN (.doc, 62K)
ACCT-105-02-COFFMAN (.doc, 62K)
ACCT-155-D1- COFFMAN (.doc, 61K)
CMPT 151: Spreadsheet Applications - Giovannini (.pdf, 149K)
BUSN-100-BK Reeves (.docx, 51K)
BUSN-255-BK Reeves (.docx, 50K)
BUSN 260-01-Abernethy (.pdf, 150K)
BUSN 260-02-Abernethy (.pdf, 150K)
BUSN 260-BK-Abernethy (.pdf, 150K)
BUSN 100 D1 Rasmussen (.pdf, 589K)
ECON-120-01 JOHNSON (.docx, 50K)
BUSN-115-D2-Lovell (.doc, 45K)
ECON-120-D1,D2-Lovell (.doc, 47K)
ECON 120 02 Leland (.docx, 63K)
ECON 120-D3 Leland (.docx, 63K)
ECON 120-D4 Leland (.docx, 63K)
CMPT 151 01 Fall 2017 - Nightingale (.pdf, 212K)
BUSN 255 M1 - Hagelin (.pdf, 35K)
BUSN 115-01 TFEE (.doc, 31K)
PERSONAL FINANCE-115-01 FEE (.doc, 31K)
CNMS-211 Advanced Production (Norman) (.pdf, 1376K)
Communications and New Media
CNMS 165-02 Web Development - Hebert (.pdf, 146K)
CNMS-135-01 Digital Design - Guthrie (.pdf, 160K)
CNMS 111 Digital Foundations-Guthrie (.pdf, 121K)
CNMS-120-W1 Harnett (.pdf, 179K)
CNMS-105-03 Harnett (.pdf, 161K)
CNMS 275 D1 - Green (.pdf, 44K)
CNMS-120_Digital Imaging_Fahrman (.pdf, 101K)
CNMS 266 D1 - Green (.pdf, 59K)
CNMS-115_Fundamentals of 2D Design_Fahrman (.pdf, 73K)
CNMS 265 01 - Green (.pdf, 62K)
CNMS_111Syllabus_Howard (.pdf, 130K)
CNMS180Syllabus_howard (.pdf, 154K)
CNMS115_ART130_Howard (.pdf, 204K)
CNMS - 115-02 Lewis (.pdf, 130K)
CNMS 111 - Lewis (.pdf, 106K)
CNMS-160 01 Video Basics (Norman) (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS-160 02 Video Basics (Norman) (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS-230 Video on Location (Norman) (.pdf, 175K)
CNMS 271 - Art of Audio - Townsend (.pdf, 149K)
CNMS - 125 (01) Coleman (.docx, 55K)
CNMS 105 (02) - Coleman (.docx, 53K)
CNMS 250 (01) - Coleman (.docx, 58K)
CNMS 165 - Reynolds (.pdf, 388K)
CNMS 290 - Advanced Non Linear Editing - Townsend (.pdf, 162K)
CNMS-240-01 Harnett (.pdf, 210K)
CNMS-210 Preproduction (Norman) (.pdf, 198K)
CNMS-270 Adv. On Location (Norman) (.pdf, 1389K)
CNMS 120 Digital Imaging - Nowers.pdf (.pdf, 390K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Cyber Security
INSC 160 Plourde (.pdf, 384K)
INSC 280-01 Plourde (.pdf, 459K)
INSC 170-01 Plourde (.pdf, 387K)
BUSN-195-D1 Grasky (.docx, 49K)
BUSN 130 01 NEUJAHR (.docx, 99K)
BUSN 130 D1 NEUJAHR (.docx, 97K)
BUSN 106 D1 NEUJAHR (.doc, 205K)
BUSN 106 01 NEUJAHR (.doc, 209K)
BUSN 100-01 Reuscher (.doc, 47K)
BUSN 100-02 Reuscher (.doc, 46K)
BUSN 100-03 Reuscher (.doc, 47K)
BUSN 255-01 Reuscher (.doc, 50K)
BUSN 255-02 Reuscher (.doc, 52K)
SPTM 105-01 Reuscher (.doc, 44K)
MARKETING-200-01-M1 Fee (.doc, 79K)
Personal Finance 115-1 Fee (.doc, 31K)
ACCT-105-03 STRAND (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-105-04 STRAND (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-205-01 STRAND (.doc, 43K)
BUSN-275-01 STRAND (.doc, 35K)
BUSN 100 BK Reeves (.docx, 67K)
BUSN 130 BK Reeves (.docx, 69K)
MKTG 200 BK Reeves (.docx, 68K)
ECON-125-D1LUGLI (.doc, 100K)
ECON 120 01 -FORD (.docx, 51K)
ECON 125 BK FORD (.docx, 101K)
ECON 125 01 FORD (.docx, 54K)
ECON-120-D1-D2-D4-Lovell (.doc, 47K)
BUSN-115-D2-Lovell (.doc, 45K)
ACCT-105-01 - Coffman (.doc, 58K)
ACCT-155-01 - Coffman (.doc, 59K)
ACCT-155-02 - Coffman (.doc, 60K)
ACCT-155-03 - Coffman (.doc, 60K)
ACCT-105-02 - Coffman (.doc, 58K)
BUSN-115-02 Johnson (.pdf, 536K)

Spring 2017 Syllabus Personal Finance BUSN 115 (02)

BUSN 100 - D1 - Rasmussen (.docx, 34K)
BUSN 100 - D2 - Rasmussen (.docx, 34K)
ACCT-105-T1-Durgin (.doc, 42K)
ACCT-155-W1-Durgin (.doc, 58K)
ECON-125-M1-Durgin (.doc, 43K)
BUSN 260-01 Abernethy (.pdf, 297K)
BUSN 260-02 Abernethy (.pdf, 297K)
BUSN 260-BK Abernethy (.pdf, 252K)
ECON120 Leland (.docx, 65K)
BUSN 260 (Gousse) (.pdf, 189K)
ECON-120-D1-Lovell (.doc, 47K)
ECON 125 D4 Atwood (.pdf, 199K)
Computer Information Technology
CMIT 100 01 TDunne (.docx, 52K)
CMIT 100 D1 RTest (.pdf, 159K)
CMIT 105 W1 RTest (.pdf, 229K)
CMIT 110-D1 Plourde (.pdf, 357K)
CMPT 151 Nightingale Spring 2017 (.pdf, 408K)
CMPT151 - Spreadsheet Applications - Giovannini (.docx, 623K)
CMIT-100 M1 KDay.pdf (.pdf, 160K)
Culinary Arts
CULA 140-01, Poulin (.pdf, 607K)
CULA 140-02, Poulin (.pdf, 607K)
CULA 250-01, Poulin (.pdf, 227K)
CULA 110-01, Leavitt (.doc, 87K)
CULA 250-02, Poulin (.pdf, 227K)
CULA 110-02, Leavitt (.doc, 87K)
CULA 220-01, Leavitt (.doc, 84K)
CULA-200-01 Poulin-Leavitt (.docx, 1490K)
Basic Baking spring2017 (.pdf, 119K)
CULA 240 01 Whelan (.docx, 1229K)
CULA 100 01 Intro to Culinary Arts - Rascati, M..docx (.docx, 37K)
cula 230 Broderick spring 2017 (.doc, 491K)
ECON 125 01- FORD (.docx, 54K)
ECON 125 BK- FORD (.docx, 54K)
FIG 100-03: You CAN get there: Guthrie (.docx, 72K)
SPTM 205-01 Burton (.docx, 110K)
CNMS-115-BRANCA (.pdf, 301K)
CSCI-110-01 DeSimone (.doc, 124K)
CSCI-110-M1 DeSimone (.doc, 124K)
CSCI-110-01&M1 DeSimone (.doc, 124K)
ECON120_Leland (.docx, 65K)
Hospitality Management
HSPM-175-01 STRAND (.doc, 35K)
HSPM 101 LaSalle (.docx, 51K)
HSPM 230 LaSalle (.docx, 50K)
Communications & New Media
CNMS-120-W1 Digital Imaging: Harnett (.pdf, 182K)
CNMS-240-01: Non Linear Editing: Harnett (.pdf, 166K)
CNMS 165-01 and 02 Website Production: Guthrie (.pdf, 137K)
CNMS 111-T1, Digital Foundations: Williams (.pdf, 93K)
CNMS 120-02 Digital Imaging: Guthrie (.pdf, 327K)
CNMS-211 Advanced Video Production (Norman) (.pdf, 1387K)
CNMS 111-01, D1 Digital Foundations: Guthrie (.pdf, 93K)
CNMS 111-02 Digital Foundations: Lewis (.pdf, 93K)
CNMS_275_D1_Web_Application_Dev_Green.pdf (.pdf, 44K)
CNMS 115 02 - Fundamentals of 2D Design_Fahrman (.pdf, 73K)

CNMS 115 02 - Course Syllabus_Fahrman

CNMS 235 02_Computer Animation Basics_Fahrman (.pdf, 27K)

CNMS 235 02 - Computer Animation Basics_Fahrman

CNMS-155-01 Harnett (.pdf, 336K)
CNMS115_Art130_Syllabus_Howard (.pdf, 204K)
CNMS180_Syllabus_Howard (.pdf, 154K)
CNMS-105 02
 Coleman (.pdf, 154K)
CNMS-125-01. Coleman (.pdf, 158K)
CNMS - 251 01. Coleman (.pdf, 149K)
CNMS 115 03 - Lewis (.pdf, 130K)
CNMS 125-Kingsley (.docx, 148K)
CNMS-230 Video on Location (Norman) (.pdf, 173K)
CNMS-160 01 Video Basics (Norman) (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS-160 02 Video Basics (Norman) (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS-270 Advanced Video On Location (Norman) (.pdf, 1401K)
CNMS 115 D1, D2 2D Design (Sibole) (.pdf, 83K)
CNMS 296 01/D1 Senior Portfolio (Sibole) (.pdf, 77K)
Computer Science
CS 275: Greene (.pdf, 92K)
CS 104: Greene (.pdf, 140K)
CSCI_230_01_Mobile_Apps_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 63K)
CSCI_110_02_Principles_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 75K)
CSCI-250-01-Applin (.pdf, 338K)
CSCI-290-01-Applin (.pdf, 249K)
CSCI-160-Applin (.pdf, 381K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
BUSN-100-01 REUSCHER (.doc, 47K)
BUSN-100-02 REUSCHER (.doc, 47K)
BUSN-100-03 REUSCHER (.doc, 46K)
BUSN-255-01 REUSCHER (.doc, 49K)
BUSN-255-02 REUSCHER (.doc, 45K)
BUSN-255-M1 REUSCHER (.doc, 46K)
SPTM-105-01 REUSCHER (.doc, 44K)
MARKETING-200-01, 200-M1 Fee (.doc, 79K)
econ 125 02 ford (.docx, 54K)
ECON 120 BK FORD (.docx, 50K)
ECON 125 02 FORD (.docx, 54K)
BUSN-195-D1 Grasky (.docx, 48K)
BUSN-106-D1 NEUJAHR (.doc, 203K)
BUSN-130-D1 NEUJAHR (.docx, 97K)
BUSN-130-01 NEUJAHR (.docx, 89K)
BUSN 130-02 NEUJAHR (.docx, 89K)
BUSN-260 GOUSSE (.pdf, 189K)
BUSN-100-BK Reeves (.docx, 67K)
BUSN-115-BK Reeves (.docx, 67K)
BUSN-255-BK Reeves (.docx, 51K)
ECON-125-D2LUGLI (.doc, 70K)
Personal Finance 115-1 Fee (.doc, 31K)
ACCT-105-01 - Coffman (.doc, 58K)
ACCT-105-02 - Coffman (.doc, 58K)
ACCT-155-01 - Coffman (.doc, 55K)
ACCT-155-03 - Coffman (.doc, 55K)
ACCT-155-02 - Coffman (.doc, 54K)
SPTM-155-01 Filippone (.docx, 80K)
BUSN-115-D1-Vlachos (.doc, 40K)
BUSN 260-01 Abernethy (.pdf, 155K)
BUSN-260-02 Abernethy (.pdf, 155K)
ACCT-105-03 Strand (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-105-04 Strand (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-205-01- Strand (.doc, 43K)
BUSN-275-01 Strand (.doc, 35K)
ECON125 SP16_Paulone (.docx, 51K)
ACCT-105-T1-Durgin (.doc, 42K)
ACCT-155-R1-Durgin (.doc, 58K)
BUSN-115-D2-Lovell (.doc, 46K)
ECON-120-D1-Lovell (.doc, 49K)
ECON-120-D2-Lovell (.doc, 49K)
BUSN-260-BK Abernethy (.pdf, 155K)
ECON-120-M1 Durgin (.docx, 22K)
BUSN-100-T1 Chiozzi (.docx, 34K)
Econ120_Fall 2016 Paulone (.docx, 52K)

Revised syllabus Econ 120

BUSN-265-D1 Cote (.pdf, 124K)
ECON-120-D3 Cote (.pdf, 100K)
ECON-125-D1 Cote (.pdf, 123K)
ACCT-105-W1-Durgin (.doc, 43K)
ECON-125-R1 Rasmussen (.pdf, 741K)
CNMS-150-1 Reeves (.doc, 78K)
Communications and New Media
CNMS 230 Video on Location NORMAN (.pdf, 172K)
CNMS-296-01-D1-Sibole (.pdf, 77K)
CNMS_265_01_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 118K)
CNMS-291-01-Sibole (.pdf, 75K)
CNMS_266_D1_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 110K)
CNMS-115-D1/D2-Sibole (.pdf, 83K)
CNMS_275_01_D1_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 73K)
CNMS-180-01-Sibole (.pdf, 59K)
CNMS 111 Digital Foundations: Guthrie (.pdf, 73K)
CNMS-205-01-Sibole (.pdf, 77K)
CNMS 135 Howard (.pdf, 182K)
CNMS 165 Website Production: Guthrie (.pdf, 81K)
CNMS 245 Website Production: Reeves (.pdf, 111K)
CNMS115_ART130 Howard (.pdf, 204K)
CNMS 261 Howard (.pdf, 685K)
CNMS 111 Digital Foundations: Lewis (.pdf, 81K)
CNMS 115 2D Design: Lewis (.pdf, 183K)
CNMS 125 Kingsley (.docx, 159K)
CNMS 160 01 Video Basics NORMAN (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS 270 Adv Video on Location NORMAN (.pdf, 1404K)
CNMS 210 Video Preproduction NORMAN (.pdf, 238K)
CNMS 160 02 Video Basics NORMAN (.pdf, 188K)
CNMS-105-02 Intro to Mass Communications - Coleman (.pdf, 158K)
CNMS-125-01 Writing for Media - Coleman (.pdf, 198K)
CNMS 111 T1 Digital Foundations - B. Williams (.pdf, 75K)
CNMS-120_Nowers (.pdf, 179K)
Cyber Security
INSC-260-Miller (.pdf, 621K)
INSC-160-01 Plourde (.pdf, 382K)
INSC-160-D1 Plourde (.pdf, 382K)
INSC-170-01 Plourde (.pdf, 384K)
Hospitality Management
HSPM-175-01 Strand (.doc, 35K)
HSPM-245-01 Trottier (.pdf, 315K)
HSPM-101-01 LaSalle (.pdf, 226K)
Culinary Arts
CULA 140-01 Poulin (.docx, 1216K)
CULA 250 Poulin (.docx, 32K)
CULA 130 - Lambeth (.pdf, 176K)
CULA 120-01 & 02, Dean (.docx, 311K)
CULA 220-01 Leavitt (.doc, 84K)
CULA 140-02 Poulin (.docx, 1217K)
CULA 110-01 Leavitt (.doc, 87K)
CULA 240-01 Whelan (.docx, 1222K)
CULA 230 Advanced Pastry - Broderick - Fall 2016 (.doc, 491K)
Computer Information Technology
CMIT-105-D1 Plourde (.pdf, 203K)
CMIT-110-D1 Plourde (.pdf, 364K)
CMIT 100-M1-RTest.pdf (.pdf, 271K)
CMIT-105-T1-RTest.pdf (.pdf, 239K)
CMIT-225-D1-Fortin (.pdf, 152K)
CMPT-151 Nightingale (.pdf, 512K)
CMIT-100-D1-Dumais (.pdf, 298K)
CMIT-270-01 Basham (.pdf, 752K)
CMIT-110-01 Basham (.pdf, 442K)
Computer Science
CSCI 250-01 Applin (.pdf, 334K)
CSCI_105_01_GREEN.pdf (.pdf, 124K)
CSCI-110-01 and 03 Applin (.pdf, 444K)
CSCI-160-01 Applin (.pdf, 381K)
CSCI-290-01 Applin (.pdf, 380K)
CSCI 104: Intro to Robotics (.pdf, 140K)
CSCI 275 C++ Programming (.pdf, 92K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
BUSN-100-01 REUSCHER (.doc, 47K)
ECON-125-D1Lugli (.docx, 70K)
BUSN-100-02 REUSCHER (.doc, 46K)
BUSN-100-03 REUSCHER (.doc, 46K)
BUSN-195-D1 Grasky (.docx, 48K)
BUSN-255-M1 REUSCHER (.doc, 46K)
BUSN-255-01 REUSCHER (.doc, 49K)
BUSN-255-02 REUSCHER (.doc, 50K)
Personal Finance 115-01 Fee (, 31K)
Marketing-200-01,M1 Fee (.doc, 79K)
BUS 100 BK Reeves (.docx, 70K)
BUS 130 BK Reeves (.docx, 70K)
BUS 200 BK Reeves (.doc, 49K)
ACCT-105-03-STRAND (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-105-04- STRAND (.doc, 41K)
ACCT-205-01- STRAND (.doc, 43K)
BUSN-275-01-STRAND (.doc, 35K)
BUSN-106-D1 NEUJAHR (.pdf, 198K)
BUSN-130-01 NEUJAHR (.pdf, 225K)
BUSN-130-D1 NEUJAHR (.pdf, 239K)
BUSN-106-01 NEUJAHR (.pdf, 178K)
ECON-125-R1 Rasmussen (.docx, 37K)
ECON-125-R1 Rasmussen (.docx, 37K)
Econ_125_Vlachos (.doc, 39K)
Econ_120_Vlachos (.doc, 38K)
Busn_115_Vlachos (.doc, 39K)
Busn_115_Vlachos_online (.doc, 40K)
BUSN-260-01 Abernethy (.pdf, 168K)
BUSN-260-02 Abernethy (.pdf, 168K)
BUSN-260-BK Abernethy (.pdf, 168K)
BUSN-265-01 COTE (.pdf, 124K)
ECON-120-D3 COTE (.pdf, 110K)
ECON-125-D2 COTE (.pdf, 112K)
ECON-125-D3 COTE (.pdf, 112K)
ACCT-105-01 - COFFMAN (.doc, 56K)
ACCT-105-02 - COFFMAN (.doc, 56K)
ACCT-155-03 - COFFMAN (.doc, 59K)
ACCT-155-02 - COFFMAN (.doc, 59K)
ECON 120 02 FORD (.docx, 101K)
ECON 125 BK FORD (.docx, 102K)
ACCT-155-01 - COFFMAN (.doc, 58K)
SP16-BUSN-115-D2 Lovell (.doc, 46K)
BUSN-100-D1 Rasmussen (.pdf, 445K)
BUSN-100-D2 Rasmussen (.pdf, 445K)
ECON-125-M1 Durgin (.doc, 43K)
ACCT-105-T1-Durgin (.doc, 42K)
ACCT-105-R1-Durgin (.doc, 42K)
ACCT-155-W1-Durgin (.doc, 57K)
Sports Management
SPTM-105-01 REUSCHER (.doc, 21K)
Hospitality Management
HSPM-175-01- STRAND (.doc, 35K)
HSPM 230-01 - Verreault (.pdf, 172K)
HSPM 101 01 Healy (.doc, 130K)
Communications & New Media
CNMS 155-01 Harnett (.docx, 185K)
CNMS115_ART130_Howard (.pdf, 204K)
CNMS-160-01 NORMAN (.pdf, 165K)
CNMS280 Howard (.pdf, 197K)
CNMS-111-01, 02, 03 Guthrie (.pdf, 172K)
CNMS 165-01, T1 Guthrie (.pdf, 182K)
CNMS 240-01 - Harnett (.doc, 116K)
CNMS 120-01 - Harnett (.docx, 58K)
CNMS 275 01, D1 - Green (.pdf, 69K)
CNMS-115-D1, D2 Sibole (.pdf, 83K)
CNMS-291-01 Sibole (.pdf, 75K)
CNMS-296-01,D1 Sibole (.pdf, 77K)
CNMS 235_Syllabus_Fahrman (.pdf, 88K)
CNMS 115_Syllabus_Fahrman (.pdf, 67K)
CNMS135_Howard (.pdf, 182K)
CNMS260 Howard (.pdf, 204K)
CNMS-160-02 NORMAN (.pdf, 175K)
CNMS-230-01 NORMAN (.pdf, 172K)
CNMS-270-01 NORMAN (.pdf, 607K)
CNMS-211-01 NORMAN (.pdf, 637K)
CNMS 115 03 - Lewis (.pdf, 151K)
CNMS 160-03 Townsend (.pdf, 121K)
CNMS 271-01 Townsend (.pdf, 162K)
CNMS-251 01, Coleman (.pdf, 170K)
CNMS-105 02, Coleman (.pdf, 168K)
CNMS-125 01, Coleman (.pdf, 171K)
CNMS-150_iOS_App_Design_Reeves. (.doc, 76K)
Culinary Arts
CULA 140-01-Poulin (.docx, 1216K)
CULA 140-02-Poulin (.docx, 1216K)
CULA-100-01-Mayone (.docx, 39K)
CULA 250-01-Poulin (.doc, 67K)
CULA 250-02-Poulin (.doc, 67K)
CULA 240-01-Mayone (.docx, 1204K)
CULA 240-02-Mayone (.docx, 1204K)
CULA-110-01-Leavitt (.docx, 72K)
CULA-110-02-Leavitt (.docx, 72K)
CULA-220-02-Leavitt (.docx, 72K)
CULA-220-02-Leavitt (.docx, 72K)
Information Technology
CMIT 225 01 Fortin (.pdf, 151K)
CMIT 225 T1 Fortin (.pdf, 151K)
CMPT_151_BK_Aiello (.pdf, 609K)
CMIT 105-01 Plourde (.pdf, 202K)
CMIT 105-D1 Plourde (.pdf, 202K)
CMIT 105-02 Plourde (.pdf, 202K)
CMPT 151 - Nightingale (.pdf, 208K)
CMIT 100 T1 Syllabus RTest (.pdf, 170K)
CMPT 151 Giovannini (.pdf, 152K)
CMIT 225-02 Hussey (.pdf, 280K)
CMIT 100-D1 Hussey (.pdf, 272K)
CMIT 140-02 Hussey (.pdf, 454K)
CMIT 120-01 Hussey (.pdf, 489K)
CMIT 120-02 Hussey (.pdf, 489K)
CMIT 270-01 Project Management.Basham (.docx, 35K)
CMIT110-01.DatabaseFundamentals.Basham (.docx, 49K)
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Hospitality Management
HSPM-175-01-Strand (.doc, 35K)

Syllabus attached.  Please pay close attention to Due Dates

Communications & New Media
CNMS-275-01-GREEN (.pdf, 65K)
CNMS 115 D1 / D2 ARTS 130 D1 / D2 Sibole (.pdf, 84K)
CNMS 210-01 - Coleman (.pdf, 54K)
CNMS 115 - M1 Lewis (.docx, 530K)
CNMS 115 - 03 Lewis (.docx, 530K)
BUSN_115_D1_Vlachos (.doc, 45K)
BUSN-275-01-Strand (.doc, 35K)

Syllabus attached.  Please pay close attention to Due Dates

BUSN130-D1-NEUJAHR (.pdf, 228K)
BUSN-255-01 Reuscher (.doc, 45K)
ECON-125-D2 - LUGLI (.doc, 51K)
BUSN 106-D1-NEUJAHR (.doc, 202K)
BUSN-100-D1-RASMUSSEN (.pdf, 393K)
BUSN-100-D2-RASMUSSEN (.pdf, 393K)
ECON-120-01 COTE (.pdf, 90K)
ECON-125-01 COTE (.pdf, 105K)
ECON-125-D1 COTE (.pdf, 100K)
ECON-120-D1-Lovell (.doc, 39K)
ACCT 105 M1 Durgin (.doc, 41K)
ACCT 155 T1 Durgin (.doc, 55K)
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