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CARD-150-01 (.docx, 50K)
NURS-100-02-Smith (.docx, 18K)
DIET-155-01-GALE (.doc, 92K)
INTRO-100-01 Dubosky Spring Syllabi 2018 (.pdf, 240K)
Dietetic Technology
NUTR-110-05 Broihier (.docx, 55K)
DIET 110 - 01 - Food and Beverage Purchasing - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 50K)
NUTR 110 - 04 - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 83K)
NUTR 110 - D2 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 26K)
NUTR 110 - D3 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 26K)
NUTR 110 - 02 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 28K)
NUTR 110 - 03 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 28K)
NUTR-100 Spring 18' Syllabus - DuBosky (.pdf, 240K)
NUTR-100-Syllabi-DuBosky (.pdf, 240K)
NUTR 110 D6- Bryant (.docx, 25K)
NUTR 110- D5- Bryant (.docx, 25K)
Diet 250-01-Brooks (.doc, 53K)
Nutr 110 BK-Brooks (.docx, 27K)
INTRO-100-01-Dubosky Spring Syllabi 18 (.pdf, 240K)
HLTH 155 Pharmacology - Rogers (.doc, 115K)
HLTH-105-D1-Mosen (.docx, 52K)
HLTH 120 W1 McFarren (.docx, 58K)
HLTH 120 D1 McFarren (.docx, 57K)
HLTH 105-01MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
HLTH 125-01 MacNichol (.docx, 54K)
HLTH 100-W1 Foley (.docx, 62K)
HLTH100-D1 Cook (Syllabus) (.pdf, 124K)
HLTH100-D1 Cook (Schedule) (.pdf, 84K)
Medical Assisting
MDAS 260 D1 BLAKE (.pdf, 582K)
MDAS 275 01 Buchanan (.docx, 94K)
MDAS 150 01 Buchanan (.doc, 234K)
mdas 105 01 Buchanan (.docx, 66K)
MDAS-100-D1-Mosen (.docx, 52K)
MDAS 120 W1 McFarren (.docx, 58K)
MDAS 120 D1 McFarren (.docx, 57K)
MDAS 100-01 MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
MDAS 205 MacNichol (.docx, 55K)
MDAS 125-01 MacNichol (.docx, 54K)
MDAS 110 SP- Huntington (.doc, 221K)
MDAS/HLTH 100 D1- Berman (.docx, 89K)
MDAS 210- Huntington/ Buchanan (.doc, 296K)
MDAS 160 Huntington/ Buchanan (.doc, 264K)
NURS 175BK Course Syllabus (.doc, 135K)
NURS-100-01-Smith (.docx, 18K)
NURS-100-BK-Smith (.docx, 18K)
NURS_225_SP18 (.docx, 62K)
NURS 100-D1 & D4-Vrana-Bossart (.docx, 58K)
NURS 100-03-Vrana-Bossart (.docx, 56K)
NURS - 275 - Keenan (.docx, 75K)
RADG 160-11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 47K)
RADG 260-01 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 41K)
RADG_275_Buchanan_rev.doc (.doc, 65K)
RADG 255 01-Doane (.pdf, 163K)
RADG 215 01-Doane (.pdf, 168K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-105-11-Brewer (.docx, 53K)
RESP-105-12-Brewer (.docx, 53K)
RESP-250-01-Brewer (.docx, 53K)
RESP-125-01-Roy-Gosselin (.docx, 47K)
RESP-275-01-Roy-Gosselin (.docx, 51K)
RESP-110-11-Roy-Gosselin (.docx, 47K)
RESP-110-12-Roy-Gosselin (.docx, 47K)
RESP-160-01 Higgins (.pdf, 58K)
Cardiovascular Technology
CARD-180-01-Monceaux (.docx, 32K)
CARD-160-01-Monceaux (.docx, 74K)
CARD 150-01 - 155-01, Dittrich Conley (.docx, 66K)
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NURS 125BK Nursing 1 (.doc, 135K)
Medical Assisting
MDAS-260-D1 Blake (.pdf, 582K)
MDAS 100-02 HLTH 105-02 MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
MDAS 125-01 HLTH 125-01MacNichol (.docx, 53K)
MDAS 205-01 MacNichol (.docx, 55K)
MDAS 105-01 Buchanan (.docx, 65K)
MDAS 275 01 Buchanan (.docx, 94K)
MDAS 150 01 Buchanan (.doc, 240K)
MDAS 110-01 Huntington (.doc, 223K)
MDAS 110- BK Huntington (.doc, 223K)
MDAS/HLTH 120 D1 Huntington (.docx, 36K)
MDAS 210- Buchanan & Huntington (.doc, 303K)
MDAS-100-D2 Mosen (.docx, 90K)
MDAS 100 D1- Huntington (.docx, 89K)
MDAS 120 W1 McFarren (.docx, 58K)
MDAS 160 01 Buchanan/Huntington (.doc, 265K)
NURS-225-01(MCH Clinical)Mosen (.docx, 53K)
NURS-100-01-LoCascio (.docx, 24K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-120-01 Higgins (.pdf, 155K)
RESP-200-01-Brewer (.pdf, 296K)
RESP-101-11 Brewer (.pdf, 308K)
RESP-101-12-Brewer (.pdf, 308K)
RESP-225-11-Roy-Gosselin (.docx, 49K)
RESP-210-01-Roy-Gosselin (.docx, 46K)
RESP-100-01-Roy-Gosselin (.doc, 68K)
RESP-220-01 Higgins/Brewer (.docx, 54K)
RESP-220-02 Higgins/Brewer (.docx, 54K)
RESP-220-03 Higgins/Brewer (.docx, 54K)
MDAS 100-02 HLTH 105-02 MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
Nutrition and Dietetics
NUTR 110 -51-BROIHIER (.pdf, 190K)
DIET-150-11-Pope (.docx, 67K)
DIET 155-01-Pope (.doc, 92K)
NUTR 110-31 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 34K)
NUTR 110 41 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 82K)
NUTR 110 - D1 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 30K)
NUTR 110 - D4 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 30K)
DIET 110-01 - Food and Beverage Purchasing - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 71K)
NUTR110 - 21 - Normal Nutrition - West-Rhinebolt and Francis (.docx, 34K)
NUTR 110 D2 - Normal Nutrition - Francis (.pdf, 134K)
NUTR 110 - D3 - Normal Nutrition - Francis (.pdf, 134K)
DIET 160 - D1 - Foodservice Sanitation - Francis (.pdf, 376K)
NUTR-110-61 Savoie (.pdf, 130K)
NUTR-110-T1 Normal Nutrition and Lab - Dubosky (.pdf, 237K)
Introduction to Dietetics DIET-100-01 DuBosky (.pdf, 259K)
Nutr 110-BK-Brooks (.docx, 27K)
Diet-200-01-Brooks (.docx, 24K)
Nutr-110-11-Brooks (.docx, 28K)
Diet-275-01-Brooks (.doc, 64K)
Diet-280-01-Brooks (.doc, 63K)
Health Sciences
HLTH 155D Pharmacology - Rogers (.doc, 115K)
HLTH 120 D1 - Huntington (.docx, 36K)
HLTH100-D1-Cook (.pdf, 121K)
HLTH100-D2-Cook (.pdf, 121K)
HLTH100_D1_D2_Schedule_Cook (.pdf, 84K)
HLTH 105 D1- Huntington (.docx, 89K)
HLTH 120 W1 McFarren (.docx, 58K)
HLTH 100-W1 Foley (.docx, 61K)
Cardivascular Technology
CARD-120 - W1 Vascular Imaging and Pathology - Presby (.doc, 119K)
CARD 100 - 01 Willis (.doc, 76K)
CARD - 210 -01 Willis (.docx, 85K)
CARD 125 -01 Willis (.doc, 53K)
CARD 125 -02 Willis (.doc, 53K)
RADG 230 11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 43K)
RADG 130 11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 63K)
RADG 115 01 Doane (.pdf, 144K)
RADG 235 01 Doane (.pdf, 144K)
RADG 105- 12-13 15-16 OUELLETTE 2017.doc (.doc, 57K)
RADG 205- 01 OUELLETTE 2017.doc (.doc, 72K)
RADG 100 - 01- OUELLETTE 2017.doc (.doc, 83K)
Emergency Medical Services
EMSP-250 - Maguire (.docx, 60K)
EMSP 150-01 Mitchell (.pdf, 437K)
EMSP 205-01 Mitchell (.pdf, 384K)
EMST-125-BK-Beals (.pdf, 464K)
EMSP-235-01 Berry (.docx, 73K)
EMSP 102-01 Mitchell (.pdf, 484K)
EMSP 115 Wellman (.pdf, 587K)
ESMT-125-01-Grzyb (.docx, 102K)
EMST 125 01 Froman (.pdf, 3597K)
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CARD-150-01-Dittrich (.docx, 66K)
EMST 100 Beals (.pdf, 461K)
NUTR 110 04 (.pdf, 132K)
EMST 100 Beals Revised (.pdf, 465K)
EMST 100 Beals Revised (.pdf, 465K)
RADG_275 Buchanan_rev.doc (.doc, 65K)
RADG 160-11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 46K)
RADG 260-01 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 40K)
RADG 255-01 Doane (.pdf, 162K)
RADG_215-01 Doane.pdf (.pdf, 169K)
RADG 155-01 OUELLETTE (.doc, 67K)
RADG 245-01 OUELLETTE (.doc, 64K)
HLTH-100-01 LoCascio (.docx, 60K)
HLTH 155 Pharmacology-Rogers (.doc, 113K)
HLTH 155-01 Cook (.pdf, 154K)
HLTH 105- BK Huntington (.docx, 73K)
HLTH 100-02 MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
HLTH 125-01 MacNichol (.docx, 53K)
Dietetic Technology
NUTR 110-06 (plus lab) BROIHIER (.pdf, 211K)
NUTR 110 D5- Bryant (.docx, 25K)
NUTR 110 D3 - Normal Nutrition and Lab- West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 23K)
NUTR 110 D2 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 23K)
NUTR 110 05 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 83K)
NUTR 110 02 - Normal Nutrition and Lab - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 28K)
DIET 255 - Diet Seminar - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 75K)
DIET 250 - Nutrition Education and Counseling - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 51K)
DIET-200-01-Brooks (.doc, 89K)
NUTR-110-01-Brooks (.docx, 35K)
Nutr-110-BK-Brooks (.docx, 50K)
NUTR -210-01-Brooks (.docx, 35K)
NUTR-110-D1 Francis (.pdf, 133K)
NUTR-110-D4 Francis (.pdf, 133K)
DIET-160-D1 Francis (.pdf, 212K)
DIET-160-D2 (.pdf, 212K)
NUTR 110 04 Savoie (.pdf, 132K)
DIET 100 01 Dubosky (.docx, 33K)
NUTR 110 Dubosky (.docx, 23K)
diet150-01-Pope (.docx, 66K)
diet 155-01Pope (.doc, 92K)
Medical Assisting
MDAS 260 D1 BLAKE (.pdf, 581K)
MDAS 100-01:HLTH 105-01MacNichol (.pdf, 370K)
MDAS 275 Buchanan (.docx, 92K)
MDAS 105 01 Buchanan (.docx, 65K)
MDAS 150 01 Buchanan (.doc, 235K)
MDAS 100-D1 Huntington (.docx, 89K)
MDAS 110 -Huntington (.doc, 223K)
MDAS 205-01 MacNichol (.pdf, 456K)
MDAS 160 Huntington/ Buchanan (.doc, 265K)
MDAS 125-01:HLTH 125-01 MacNichol (.pdf, 641K)
MDAS 210 Huntington/Buchanan (.doc, 308K)
MDAS 120 W1 McFarren (.docx, 57K)
MDAS 120/ HLTH 120 Huntington (.docx, 73K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-250 McDonald (.pdf, 349K)
RESP-125-Roy (.docx, 47K)
RESP-275-Roy (.docx, 51K)
RESP-110-11-Roy (.docx, 47K)
RESP-110-12-Roy (.docx, 47K)
RESP-105-11 (.docx, 58K)
RESP-105-12 (.docx, 58K)
RESP-160 (.docx, 54K)
Emergency Medical services
EMSP 175 01 Wellman (.pdf, 454K)
EMSP 280 01 Wellman (.pdf, 344K)
EMSP 170 01 Wellman (.pdf, 437K)
EMSP 170 02 Wellman (.pdf, 437K)
EMST-100-T1-Froman (.pdf, 3344K)
EMST 100-01 Maguire (.docx, 89K)
EMSP 270 Clinical III Maguire (.docx, 57K)
EMSP-275 Clinical IV Maguire (.docx, 57K)
EMST 100 Beals (.pdf, 461K)
EMST 100-NE-Drew (.docx, 88K)
NURS-100-03-04 LoCascio (.docx, 24K)
NURS 100 SP 17-Vrana-Bossart (.docx, 62K)
NURS175-YCCC (.doc, 136K)
NURS 100-D2-Powers (.doc, 42K)
NURS-275BK Bailey (.pdf, 195K)
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Cardiovascular Technology
CARD-200-R1 Dittrich (.doc, 71K)
CARD 120-01 Presby (.doc, 120K)
CARD 220 -01 Willis (.docx, 28K)
CARD 100-01 Willis (.doc, 76K)
Medical Assisting
MDAS-260-D1 BLAKE (.pdf, 582K)
MDAS-120-W1 McFarren (.docx, 57K)
MDAS 110 -01 Huntington (.doc, 222K)
MDAS 110- BK Huntington (.doc, 222K)
MDAS 120- BK Huntington (.docx, 62K)
MDAS 100- D1 Huntington (.docx, 51K)
MDAS 125-02 MacNichol (.docx, 57K)
MDAS 205 MacNichol (.docx, 60K)
MDAS 160- Huntington/ Buchanan (.doc, 278K)
MDAS 210 Huntington/Buchanan (.doc, 305K)
MDAS 150-01Buchanan (.doc, 236K)
MDAS 275-01Buchanan (.docx, 91K)
MDAS 105 01 Buchanan (.docx, 65K)
MDAS 100-01-MacNichol (.docx, 58K)
HLT 155 Pharmacology - Rogers (.doc, 112K)
Emergency Medical services
EMSP 210 Wellman (.pdf, 350K)
EMST-100-01 Maguire (.docx, 91K)
EMST100-BK-Beals (.pdf, 540K)
EMSP-250 Maguire (.docx, 56K)
EMSP-215 Wellman/Berry (.docx, 96K)
EMSP 115 01 Wellman (.pdf, 447K)
EMSP150-01 Cook (.docx, 61K)
EMSP102-01 Cook (.docx, 64K)
EMSP102-02 Cook (.docx, 64K)
EMSP220-01 Cook (.docx, 61K)
EMSP 225 Wellman (.docx, 94K)
RADG 130 11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 63K)
RADG-115-01 Doane (.pdf, 144K)
RADG-235-01 Doane (.pdf, 151K)
RADG-230-11-Buchanan (.doc, 43K)
RADG 100-01 OUELLETTE (.doc, 87K)
RADG 105 - 12,13,15,16 OUELLETTE (.doc, 58K)
RADG 205 - OUELLETTE (.doc, 70K)
HLTH-100-01 LoCascio (.docx, 55K)
HLTH155-01 Cook (.docx, 50K)
HLTH 155 - Rogers.doc (.doc, 112K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-120-01 Higgins (.pdf, 152K)
RESP-220-11 Higgins (.pdf, 162K)
RESP-220-12 Higgins (.pdf, 162K)
RESP-220-13 Higgins (.pdf, 162K)
RESP-225-Roy (.docx, 49K)
RESP-210-01-Roy (.docx, 47K)
RESP-101-11-Roy (.docx, 47K)
RESP-101-12-Roy (.docx, 47K)
RESP-100-McDonald (.doc, 65K)
NURS 175 Fall 2016 Course Overview (.doc, 135K)
NURS 225 BK, Fall 2016 course syllabus (.docx, 63K)
NURS 225 Nursing III-01 Hankins,Flinkstrom, Powers (.docx, 58K)
NURS 125 Course Syllabus, Fall 2016 (.doc, 115K)
NURS-100-02 LoCascio (.docx, 25K)
NURS 275 (.docx, 76K)
Dietetic Technology
NUTR 110-41 Broihier (.pdf, 190K)
NUTR 110 - 31 - Lorna West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 81K)
NUTR 110 - 21 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 27K)
DIET 250 - Nutrition Education and Counseling - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 52K)
DIET 255 - Diet Seminar - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 75K)
NUTR 110 - D1 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 23K)
NUTR 110 - D4 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 23K)
Nutr-110-11 Brooks (.docx, 36K)
Diet 200-01-Brooks (.doc, 89K)
Nutr 210-01-Brooks (.docx, 35K)
NUTR 110-D5 Bryant (.docx, 25K)
NUTR-110-51-SAVOIE (.doc, 88K)
DIET 100 - Food and Beverage Purchasing - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 70K)
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Emergency Medical services
EMST-100-01- Maguire (.docx, 96K)
EMSP 205 01 Wellman (.pdf, 359K)
RADG 175 Buchanan_2.doc (.doc, 60K)
RADG 190 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 45K)
Medical Assisting
MDAS 260 D1 BLAKE (.pdf, 616K)
MDAS-205-T1 MacNichol (.docx, 60K)
MDAS 210 P Buchanan (.doc, 292K)
MDAS 275 P Buchanan (.docx, 90K)
HLTH 155D Pharmacology (.doc, 68K)
NURS 100 D1-Powers (.doc, 42K)
NURS 100 01-Powers (.doc, 40K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-170-Higgins (.pdf, 146K)
Dietetic Technology
NUTR 110 D1 Bryant (.docx, 25K)
Nutr-110-11-Savoie (.pdf, 127K)
NURS 100-01 Vrana-Bossart (.docx, 34K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Cardiovascular Technology
CARD 115 Non-Invasive Testing - Willis (.doc, 53K)
CARD 180 Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention - Willis (.docx, 37K)
CARD 160 Cardiac Physiology and Pathophysiology - Croteau (.docx, 77K)
CARD 170 Echocardiography I - Willis (.docx, 73K)
CARD 165 - Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation - Willis (.doc, 103K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-125 Roy (.doc, 32K)
RESP-275 Roy (.doc, 50K)
RESP-110-11 (.doc, 42K)
RESP-110-12 (.doc, 42K)
RESP-105-11 (.pdf, 148K)
RESP-105-12 (.pdf, 148K)
RESP-160-01 (.pdf, 115K)
RESP-250 McDonald (.pdf, 202K)
RADG 160-11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 39K)
RADG-215-01 Doane (.pdf, 169K)
RADG 260-01 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 35K)
RADG_275 Buchanan_rev.doc (.doc, 59K)
RADG-255-01 Doane (.pdf, 163K)
RADG 155-11 OUELLETTE (.doc, 62K)
RADG 155-12 - OUELLETTE (.doc, 62K)
RADG 155-13- OUELLETTE (.doc, 62K)
RADG 155-14 - OUELLETTE (.doc, 62K)
RADG 245 -01- OUELLETTE (.doc, 59K)
NURS 225-11 Nursing III-Fey/Powers (.docx, 74K)


NURS125 Golder/Belicose/Garrett (.doc, 107K)
NURS 175 Nursing II Course Overview Birt/Rice (.doc, 133K)
NURS 275 Syllabus (.docx, 82K)
NURS 175BK Bailey, Vrana-Bossart (.pdf, 72K)
NURS-100-03 LoCascio (.docx, 24K)
Medical Assisting
HLTH 155 Pharmacology D1 & D3 - Rogers (.doc, 114K)
MDAS 275 -01 Buchanan (.docx, 89K)
MDAS 150-01 Buchanan (.doc, 233K)
MDAS-260-BLAKE (.pdf, 583K)
MDAS 105- Huntington (.docx, 56K)
MDAS 110- Huntington (.doc, 221K)
MDAS 160-01 & 2- Huntington/Buchanan (.doc, 285K)
MDAS 210- Huntington/ Buchanan (.doc, 306K)
MDAS 125 MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
MDAS 205 MacNichol (.docx, 60K)
MDAS 120 McFarren (.docx, 97K)
Emergency Medical Services
EMSP150-01 Cook (.pdf, 346K)
EMST 100-01, Maguire (.docx, 102K)
EMSP-160-01 Wellman (.pdf, 214K)
EMSP-161-11 Wellman (.pdf, 214K)
EMST100-T1 Cook (.pdf, 504K)
EMST 100-NE Drew (.docx, 97K)
Dietetic Technology
DIET-100-01-Broihier (.pdf, 140K)
NUTR-110-05-Broihier (.pdf, 138K)
NUTR 110-02 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 34K)
NUTR 110-D5 Bryant (.docx, 16K)
NUTR 110 - 04 - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 81K)
NUTR 110 - D2 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 27K)
NUTR 110 - D3 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 27K)
Nutr-210-01 Brooks (.docx, 35K)
Diet-200-01 Brooks (.doc, 90K)
DIET 250 - Nutrition Education and Counseling - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 50K)
DIET 255 - Diet Seminar - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 75K)
NUTR 110-D1 Francis (.pdf, 169K)
NUTR 110-D4 Francis (.pdf, 169K)
DIET-160-D1 Francis (.pdf, 156K)
DIET-160-D2 Francis (.pdf, 156K)
Food and Beverage Purchasing - DIET 110 - West-Rhinebolt - Bryant (.docx, 70K)
Nutr-110-BK Brooks (.docx, 48K)
Nutr-110-01 Brooks (.docx, 49K)
DIET-150-01 Pope (.docx, 68K)
DIET-155-01 Pope (.doc, 92K)
HLTH 155 D2 Buchanan (.doc, 120K)
Nutr-110-03-Savoie (.pdf, 133K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Medical Assisting
MDAS-260-D1 BLAKE (.pdf, 577K)
MDAS 205 MacNichol (.rtf, 507K)
MDAS 125 MacNichol (.docx, 56K)
MDAS-110-01 Huntington (.doc, 219K)
MDAS-110-02 Huntington (.doc, 219K)
MDAS 105 Huntington (.docx, 65K)
MDAS 160 Huntington (.doc, 281K)
MDAS 210 Huntington (.doc, 301K)
MDAS 150 P Buchanan (.doc, 232K)
MDAS 275 P Buchanan (.docx, 88K)
MDAS 120 01-McFarren (.doc, 114K)
MDAS 120 W1-McFarren (.doc, 114K)
MDAS 100M1 (.doc, 212K)
MDAS 100 01 Russo-Ladd (.doc, 210K)
Cardiovascular Technology
CARD - 200 - R1- Dittrich (.doc, 47K)
CARD - 120 - 01 Presby (.doc, 121K)
CARD - 125 - 01 - 02 -03 - Willis (.doc, 53K)
CARD - 100 -01- Willis (.doc, 78K)
CARD - 210 - 01 Willis (.docx, 80K)
CARD - 220 - 01 Willis (.docx, 33K)
CARD - 105- 01 - Harmon (.doc, 53K)
CARD 225 - 01 Willis (.doc, 117K)
Emergency Medical services
EMSP101-01-Cook (.pdf, 533K)
EMST 100-M1-Drew (.docx, 96K)
EMSP101-02-Cook (.pdf, 464K)
EMSP110-02-Cook (.pdf, 449K)
EMSP-210-01 Wellman (.pdf, 364K)
EMSP-215-01 Wellman (.pdf, 371K)
EMSP220-01-Cook (.pdf, 452K)
EMSP-225-01 Wellman (.pdf, 358K)
EMSP-250-01 Maguire/Wellman (.pdf, 185K)
EMST-100-BK-Beals (.pdf, 540K)
HLTH 155 - Pharmacology - Rogers (.doc, 110K)
HLTH-01-FALL 2015-Smith (.doc, 64K)

Attached are Course Syllabus and Topical Outline for my HLTH-155 Section 01, Fall 2015

EMSP-110-01 Maguire (.pdf, 378K)
EMST 100-01 Maguire (.pdf, 544K)
RDTH-295 Leaver (.docx, 66K)
RESP-100-11 Roy (.doc, 42K)
RESP-101-12-Roy (.doc, 42K)
RESP-210-01-Roy (.doc, 35K)
RESP-225-01-Roy (.doc, 41K)
Radiation Therapy
RDTH-280- Leaver (.docx, 66K)
RDTH-295 Leaver (.docx, 66K)
NURS 100-D1 Dosage Calculations-Powers (.doc, 42K)


NURS 100 D2 Dosage Calculations-Powers (.doc, 42K)


NURS 225 Nursing III-Fey, Powers (.docx, 89K)


NURS Fall 2015 Syllabus South Portland (.doc, 132K)
NURS 111 Syllabus Fall 2015 (.docx, 84K)
Nursing II Rice-Birt Syllabus (.doc, 132K)
Fall 2015 YCCC (.docx, 89K)
NURS-100-02 LoCascio (.docx, 29K)
Respiratory Therapy
RESP-100-01 McDonald (.pdf, 185K)
RESP 200 - McDonald (.pdf, 180K)
RESP-120-01 Higgins (.pdf, 105K)
RESP-220-11 Higgins (.pdf, 120K)
RESP-220-12 Higgins (.pdf, 120K)
RESP-220-13 Higgins (.pdf, 120K)
RADG-230-11 Buchanan (.doc, 38K)
RADG-115-01 Doane (.pdf, 126K)
RADG-235-01 Doane (.pdf, 139K)
RADG 100-01 OUELLETTE (.doc, 86K)
RADG 105-01 OUELLETTE (.doc, 57K)
RADG 105-12-13-15-16 OUELLETTE (.doc, 42K)
RADG 205 01 OUELLETTE (.doc, 69K)
RADG 130 11 Buchanan.doc (.doc, 59K)
Nutrition and Dietetics
DIET 110-01 Bryant (.docx, 15K)
NUTR 110-D4 Bryant (.docx, 16K)
Diet-200-01-Brooks (.doc, 81K)
NUTR-110-61-Brooks (.docx, 35K)
Diet 275-01-Brooks (.doc, 64K)
Diet 280-01-Brooks (.doc, 63K)
DIET-150-11 Pope (.docx, 68K)
NUTR 110 - D5 - Oberholtzer (.doc, 44K)
DIET-155-01 Pope (.doc, 91K)
NUTR-110-11-West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 34K)
NUTR-110-21 - West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 34K)
NUTR-110-31 - West-Rhinebolt (.doc, 80K)
NUTR-110-D1- West-Rhinebolt (.docx, 27K)
DIET-255-01 (.doc, 51K)
NUTR-110-51 Savoie (.pdf, 129K)
DIET 100-01-BROIHIER (.pdf, 170K)
NUTR 110 -41-BROIHIER (.pdf, 148K)
Health Information Technology
MHIT 210 D1 Vrana-Bossart (.docx, 73K)
MHIT 200 D1 Vrana-Bossart (.docx, 75K)
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