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CJUS-106W1 Merrill (.pdf, 168K)

Introduction to Homeland Security - Syllabus - Spring 2016

Fire Science
Chem-103-01 Lindstedt (.pdf, 336K)
Chem-103-02 Lindstedt (.pdf, 336K)
Chem-103-03 Lindstedt (.pdf, 336K)
FIRE 105/FIGS 101-01 Willis (.pdf, 306K)
FIRE 125-01 and 02 Willis (.pdf, 104K)
FIRE-155-01 Lindstedt (.pdf, 188K)
FIRE-155-02 Lindstedt (.pdf, 188K)
Fire-250-BK-LaMoria (.docx, 74K)
FIRE 260-01 and 02 Willis + Rice (.pdf, 401K)
Fire-140-01 Gayton (.pdf, 158K)
Fire-140-01 Gayton P.2 (.pdf, 92K)
Criminal Justice
CJUS-120-T1 Diffin (.doc, 96K)
CJUS-120-D1 Diffin (.doc, 97K)
CJUS 105-04 Joyce (.doc, 215K)
CJUS 205-01 Joyce (.doc, 191K)
CJUS 125-01 Joyce (.doc, 181K)
CJUS 230-01 Joyce (.doc, 51K)
ICEX 170 01 (Ireland) Joyce (.docx, 39K)
CJUS-215-T1 Merrill (.pdf, 168K)

Substantive Criminal Law - Syllabus - Spring 2016

CJUS-106-W1 Merrill (.pdf, 168K)

Introduction to Homeland Security - Syllabus - Spring 2016 

CJUS-225-D1 Reece (.pdf, 267K)
CJUS-105-02-Rosenblum (.doc, 206K)
CJUS-107-01-Dunham (.docx, 70K)
CJUS-130-D1 Cyr (.doc, 607K)
CJUS-110-01-Herbert (.docx, 67K)
CJUS-245-01-Herbert (.docx, 67K)
CJUS-225-01-MacDonald (.doc, 98K)
CJUS 220-01-MacDonald (.doc, 97K)
CJUS 115-01-MacDonald (.doc, 105K)
CJUS 110-02-MacDonald (.doc, 122K)
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