Welcome to the Environmental, Health & Safety Portal

Sorry you had to scroll all the way down to the bottom to read this.  There is a lot of valuable information to share with SMCC Employees and it is tough deciding how to fill the prime real-estate.

My name is Jennifer Otenti and I’m YOUR Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator.  My desk is in the Fort Building with the Security Office.  Call 207.741.5932, email jotenti@smccme.edu, or stop by. 

No Safety Question or Concern is unimportant, silly or lame.  While you should always bring immediate safety concerns to your Supervisor, you can call upon the EH&S Coordinator for support.

Have a suggestion for improving Safety in our workplace?  I’d love to hear it! 

Workplace injuries or illnesses should be reported ASAP by notifying your Supervisor and Human Resources (Fill out the Employee First Report of Injury form above).  When left unreported and untreated, injuries can worsen with time. What started off as a minor, easy to heal sprained ankle could turn into a significant injury involving lost work days, multiple Dr visits and lots of discomfort. 

You work to live – not live to work.  Go home safely each day.