Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit Documents

The Modified SWMP is in effect 10/1/2022 until 9/30/2027 unless administratively extended by the Maine DEP.  

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This Operation and Maintenance Plan is designed to support our MS4 Stormwater permit. Employees and contracted service providers may have responsibilities across multiple sections of this document. 

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This is SMCC's procedure to mitigate illicit stormwater discharges and aligns with MCM3 of the MS4 Permit applies to all employees, contractors and vendors.

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Contractors and vendors who work on campus to comply with specific procedures regarding stormwater pollution prevention, erosion & sedimentation control and installation of Low-Impact Development mechanisms. 

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Interlocal Stormwater Working Group (ISWG)

SMCC is a member of the Interlocal Stormwater Working Group (ISWG, pronounced izzy-wig) consisting of 14 municipalities and two nested communities, in the Greater Portland, ME area, working collaboratively to reduce the impact of stormwater pollution on local waterways.

The Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District coordinates ISGW and provides regional support and implementation of many of the permit's six required minimum control measures.

ISWG meets on the third Thursday of every other month to discuss stormwater issues. If you are interested in attending an online ISWG meeting, please contact the EH&S Coordinator for details.

Learn how to have a naturally beautiful lawn:

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Think Blue Maine is a statewide campaign that provides resources and information for residents, businesses, and municipalities to reduce stormwater pollution.

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