Staff Training

New-hire employees shall complete training within 15 days of hire and/or before performing an applicable task whichever comes first (e.g. must have PPE training before the employee can don PPE).

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The Training Matrix by Position highlights initial and annual recurrent training employees receive. Courses are applicable to all employees of SMCC including student workers.

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The Vector Solutions platform will provide SMCC Faculty, Staff and Student Workers with access to a wide assortment of Safety Training.  Not familiar with Vector Solutions?  Check out the Quick Start guide to get up and running!  


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Environmental & Occupational Safety Compliance Statement

The procedures herein apply to all SMCC employees. Please read the full statement.

Academic Safety at Southern Maine Community College

A campus with a strong safety culture promotes confidence within the learning environment. It is the policy of SMCC to help students acquire the skills necessary to incorporate good safety practices into their topic(s) of study.

Please read the full statement