Graduation Status

On Track to Graduate - Based on the courses for which you were registered at the time of your review, you are on-track to graduate for the listed review term and year. 

Eligible to Participate - You are eligible to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, but you still have as many as six credits/two courses left to complete your degree requirements. Be sure to register for these final requirements in the summer or fall so you can earn your degree. 

Not Eligible to Participate - You have more than 6 credits remaining to complete your degree, and are not eligible to participate in the next Commencement Ceremony.

Date Last Reviewed: If you have changed your schedule in any way since this date, your status could be invalid.  

Remaining Requirements: All courses you need to take in order to complete your requirements and earn your degree (including current registration). 

Remaining requirements are listed by course code. Most electives will be followed by the number of elective credits required in parentheses. Example: SSCI ELE (3 cr) = social science elective, 3 credits required. If no number appears, the standard number of credits for the course are required.

Your graduation status and the remaining requirements listed are based on the information we had at the time we performed the review. If you have made any arrangements for substitutions, your department chair must communicate those directly to the Registrar. If you have transfer credit from another institution, they must send us an official transcript. Work Experience, Challenge Exams, CLEP scores, etc. must all be reported to the Registrar in order for your degree to be awarded.

For a clear explanation of your progress, you should review your degree audit by using the “Run My Degree Audit” link in MyDegree. Please be certain that you have clicked Recalculate Student Progress before opening the report. Any requirements with an X in front of it is unmet. Any grades without credit amounts following are developmental courses that do not count toward requirements (but the total credits at the top of the form include these credits). For double majors, degree audits only capture one major.

Additional reviews will be conducted after Add/Drop, after the Withdrawal deadline, and after final grades are submitted. Your graduation information will update as we make changes to your record. Before contacting the Registration Office with any questions, please discuss any issues with your faculty advisor.