Meet the Advising Office

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Patrick Haviland (aka Coach Pat/Coach P)

Advising Office (and Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach)

I’ve been a part of SMCC since 2001, working within registration, advising and athletics. I love working with all of our students through all the different challenges they face to meet their end goals. I feel very fortunate to work with such great people who put their all into our student body. SMCC provides a tremendous opportunity for all our students regardless of background. The daily interaction with the students in our office, on the court or through the line at graduation makes it very enjoyable. I’m happy helping students achieve their dreams. 



Travis Lawson

Advising Office

Hello! I’m Travis, and I’ve been with the Advising Office since 2006. I really enjoy working with all the students who come into the office daily, striving to get them the help they need to achieve their goals. As a 2006 SMCC graduate, I have a close connection not only to SMCC itself but also to students who are here now and those who have come and gone. We’re not just a community, we’re a family, too. So please stop in anytime, for anything! Whether you need help or not, stop by just to say hi, grab some candy or a snack, or talk sports, especially about the Boston Red Sox.



Donna Queen

Advising Office

I have had the pleasure of working at SMCC since 2012. I believe that every student should have a safe place to come where they can talk to people about their questions. I try to be welcoming and compassionate for every student that walks through our door. My goal is to fulfill every student’s request or at least be a resource for them to turn to.






Odilia Silveira-Harmon

TRIO Student Success Coach

TRIO is a federally funded program that helps eligible students by providing extra support and advising to help them reach their goals. I consider myself very lucky to work with our students in TRIO. I help students navigate the often-challenging trajectory to reach their academic goals. I meet students every day, who have personal and life challenges that can seem overwhelming. In my role to guide and support our students, I have the opportunity to work with determined, resilient, strong and absolutely amazing individuals, and to see them be successful. I love what I do every day!



Katie-Rose Gergosian

TRIO Student Success Coach

My favorite part of advising is seeing the transformation process a student goes through while they are pursuing their education. SMCC students are incredible, with complex lives, fierce determination and a true commitment to bettering themselves. I love getting to know more about each student I work with, so that I can help them to reach their goals. You can count on me as a TRIO Success Coach to honor the trust you put in me, to celebrate your accomplishments, to problem-solve with you and to provide you with resources. 



Katharine Lualdi

Director, TRIO Student Support Services

I am passionate about supporting students within and beyond the classroom. After teaching at the University of Southern Maine for many years, I transitioned to student support services to have a more direct impact on students' everyday lives.  In this role, I work directly with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences.  I enjoy engaging with such a diverse student population, and it is a privilege working with students on their own journey to personal, academic and professional success.   



Savannah Leighton

Welcome Team

Having been a first-generation college student at SMCC, a work-study giving tours and helping students register for courses, a graduate in the Class of 2017 and now as a staff member in the Advising Office, I’ve encountered similar speed bumps as many of our current students. In Advising, I work with new students who need help getting accepted to SMCC or are newly accepted and unsure of their next step. Typically, I reach out to students to help them register for their orientation sessions and establish a connection in case questions arise before classes begin. I enjoy being a part of a safe learning environment for our students to grow, thrive and graduate.



Amanda Gagnon


One of my favorite parts working as an Advisor is helping students plan their futures and explore their strengths and passions. I was a first-generation college student, so I understand how important guidance can be in higher education. Outside of advising, I am a photographer and enjoy creating things in a number of other mediums as well. I like to use my creative abilities to find solutions and suggestions for the students I work with.



Kathleen Doan

Associate Dean of Student Success

SMCC is an amazing place, and I have been fortunate to work here for over 20 years. I love that I get to be a part of a team that welcomes and supports all students, from the beginning of their academic journey through to graduation. I truly enjoy getting to know students, and helping them make what seems impossible, possible.



Stacey Kardash

Success Coach & Transfer Advisor

I enjoy helping students discover their strengths and use them to further their academic, career and life goals. Navigating the pathway from acceptance to graduation (and beyond) involves a million small decisions along the way, and it is fulfilling being able to bring some clarity to the process. Every day, I work to help support, empower, educate and transform the students of SMCC. 



Amy Lainoff

Veterans Affairs Certifying Official


Since 2007 I have helped veterans and dependents utilize their GI Bill to help them achieve their academic goals. A critical component of using the GI Bill is to take classes required to meet a degree or certificate program. As a Veterans Affairs Certifying Official and an Academic Advisor, I make that part of the process much easier so students can follow their academic path. What I enjoy most is getting to know these students individually and seeing them connect with each other to form a much-needed community — specifically for veterans who face the challenge of transitioning from the military to the classroom. I like working with people, both inside and outside the SMCC community, who have the same passion for helping veterans.



Jodie Lane


I grew up the child of teachers. We were raised in an environment that taught us life was richer if you continued to learn and develop new skills. As I look back I feel so fortunate that this was the major message of my life. Today I call myself a lifelong learner. I love working at Southern Maine Community College. Every day I look forward to helping our wonderful students achieve their dreams. It’s truly an exciting time in one’s life.








Michele Pavitt

Advisor/Success Coach

I am inspired by our diverse and diligent students at SMCC. In a recent meeting, a student mentioned that he “came from a hard place.” The phrase seems relevant to the experience of many students here – who grew up anywhere from Nairobi, Kenya, to Lewiston, Maine. Despite such challenges, they seek purposeful learning in the sciences, the arts or the trades. For me, it’s an honor to witness the journey and applaud their empowerment.



Debora Schofield

Advisor/Success Coach

Respect, passion and commitment are three of the goals I bring to work each day as an Advisor/Success Coach here at SMCC. It is such a pleasure, and I feel so lucky to be a guide and to be able to support the hard-working and dedicated students who walk into my office each day. Every day I am able to be part of an amazing journey as each student grows and develops as an individual, student and future professional. They are all heroes and are celebrated each day here at SMCC.



Diane Scott

Senior Administrative Coordinator (Office Manager)

I’ve worked for Southern Maine Community College since 1999. Working in higher education is very rewarding, especially when I see struggling students overcome both personal and professional obstacles to obtain a degree and achieve their dream. My role in aiding students who want to return to SMCC after a rocky start is priceless. Observing and assisting dedicated people, who have a goal and a vision, get to their finish line is the reason I’m here.




Vicki-Rose Porter

Midcoast Campus Coordinator

“The Midcoast Campus is a special part of SMCC. We are a small campus that offers a lot of opportunities to the Midcoast Region. The growing number of classes and programs offered here in Brunswick give many affordable and accessible opportunities to students. I love working with students starting with the application process, continuing with their New Student Orientation, and every other step along their SMCC journey right up until their preparation for graduation. I provide one-on-one support service to all Midcoast students, assisting with the registration process, financial aid needs, billing needs and academic support services. Students receive all of the services they would find at a larger campus but with a small campus feel.”



Tori Penney

Midcoast Campus Residence Director/Activities Coordinator

There are a lot of benefits to living at the Midcoast Campus. It is a tight-knit community with many opportunities to get involved. There are a variety of clubs and organizations on campus, and you can always start a new one. We also have many events throughout the year so that our residents can relax, have fun and get to know each other. Orion Hall offers a very different living-learning experience from the housing provided on the South Portland Campus. Each unit is apartment style with a kitchenette, full bath and a living area. We also have a student lounge, a recreation lounge, a quiet-study lounge and a fitness center in the building. If you are looking for a more independent living arrangement while still having opportunities to get involved, the Midcoast campus could be a good fit for you.