The username and password are good for signing onto the Students Domain(on campus), Student Email, the SMCC Portal, and Blackboard (if you are enrolled in an online class)

Your Username and Password are a function of the information that you have provided the school.  What can affect your username and password are no middle names and no social security numbers.  Please read the information below.

UserName = Your username is the combination of your First Name + Middle Initial + Last Name, no spaces, no special characters( '  or -  or ), all lower case and a maximum of 20 characters in length. If you didn’t provide the school with your middle initial then leave out the middle initial in your username.


Password = Your password is the First Initial of your First Name + the First four letters of your Last Name + the Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number(SSN), no spaces, all lower case.  If you didn’t provide the school with your SSN, you need to use the last 4 digits of your STUDENT ID.


Michael X St. John, with a social security number of 123-45-6789         
Username:  michaelxstjohn
Password:  mstjo6789
Ali M Abdi with a social security number of 987-65-4321

Username: alimabdi

Password: aabdi4321       


UserName = Your username is the First Initial of your First Name + your Last Name, no spaces, all lower case
Password =  Same password you use to sign on to the Staff domain.