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Welcome to the online home for New Student Orientation at SMCC. We offer two types of Orientations. An individual Start Smart Orientation and a Group Orientation. At orientation you will get valuable guidance. You will learn about staff and faculty advising, the student success resources that are available to you, become knowledgeable about academic requirements and expectations, design a schedule that meets your needs, and learn your way around.

Signing Up for Orientation

Students who are accepted for Spring 2019 can call our Welcome Team Coach, Savannah Barnes, at 207-741-5626 to sign up for a Start Smart Orientation. Group Orientations for Spring 2019 accepts will begin later in the year and a link to sign up will be posted on this page.

Preparing for Orientation

Here are some tips to prepare for your Orientation session:
  1. Know your test scores and course placement (refer to Understanding Your Scores handout below).
  2. Review the Degree Worksheet for your degree program (located on right side of this page).
  3. Browse courses and create a draft schedule (review Creating a Great Schedule, and find the Course Schedule in the My Courses section of My Maine Guide).
  4. Bring a list of questions and know we are ready to answer them!
  5. Bring your Photo ID.
If you have questions, please contact the Advising Office at (207) 741-5835 or at We are excited to welcome you to the SMCC community!
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Degree Worksheets
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