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Parking and Transportation Fees

Fall Parking Permit: $40.00 

Spring Parking Permit: $40.00 

Summer Parking Permit: $15.00 

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards and parking permits are available at the Campus Safety and Security Department office and are included in your tuition. In order to obtain your student ID, you must present a copy of your student course schedule and a valid State Photo ID. Your student ID provides you access to the library, HUB Gym, SMCC activities, and other events such as concerts, dances and athletic games.  Students are required to update their ID semester sticker every semester in order to ride the bus.  Your student ID serves as a key card for residence hall access and as a free bus pass anywhere that South Portland Bus Service and Portland METRO serve. There is a $10.00 fee to replace student ID cards, payable to the Student Billing Office.