Southern Maine Community College is a very busy campus. In order to assure the safety and welfare of all who bring their vehicles on campus, this parking policy has been developed. The policy was designed to keep parking orderly, provide as many spaces as possible for everyone in the community, and assure emergency vehicle access. Handicapped parkavailable throughout the campus; everyone is reminded to respect these spaces and campus property by parking in approved spots only.

Students may park in lots designated with single letters on green signs . Lots designated with double letters on a blue sign are for faculty and staff only. Students parking in these lots will be fined $25.00.

All faculty, staff and students must display a valid parking permit.  Students attending classes at SMCC must purchase a permit in order to park their vehicles on campus.  Permits are assigned to a particular vehicle, and should be affixed to the lower passenger side corner of the front windshield.  Any vehicle information changes during the course of the year should be reported to Safety and Security Department, ensuring any problems will be communicated to the registrant of the vehicle.

 The Safety and Security Department will issue temporary medical parking permits for valid medical reasons with appropriate documentation. These permits allow students to park in faculty and staff spaces, as well as student spaces.  These permits do NOT allow you to park in handicapped spaces or occupy reserved spaces.

Vehicles without a valid SMCC parking permit need to have a temporary permit in order to park on campus.  These permits are issued for a maximum of 2 weeks and are only valid for student lots. If an individual needs to use a vehicle for longer than 2 weeks they must purchase a permit.

Vehicles not parked in accordance with campus regulations will be issued a SMCC ticket, which carries a fine of $25.00 per violation. Fire lane violations carry a $50 fine and unauthorized parking in a handicapped parking space carries a fine of $100. Fire Lane and Handicap tickets are City of South Portland violations that must be paid within 15 days to the City of South Portland or fines will double. The Campus Safety and Security Department does not accept payment for permits or fines. All SMCC ticket payments must be made to the Student Billing Office. Handicap and fire lane violations are paid at South Portland City Hall, located at 25 Cottage Road in South Portland. Instructions are printed on the ticket. Tickets are issued for the following reasons:


            ·         Anyone parking in a fire lane (within 20 feet of any fire hydrant or designated by Signs)

            ·         Anyone parked in a handicapped parking space without a State of Maine issued Placard.

            ·         Anyone blocking roadways or access to college facilities

            ·         Parking the wrong way on a one way street

            ·         Anyone parking on the grass or parked in areas not designated for parking

            ·         Anyone with an altered, unauthorized, invalid, or absent permit

            ·         Anyone with an improper display of a permit

            ·         Students parking in a faculty lot

            ·         Students parking in a visitor lot

            ·         Taking up multiple parking spots

            ·         Reusing a ticket from a previous infraction

            ·         Erratic driving and excessive speed

            ·         Parking vehicle overnight without permission


Noncompliance with SMCC parking policy regulations may result in action beyond ticketing. Violations may result in ticketing, booting, towing and storage, suspension and/or revocation of parking privileges, or other appropriate action. Unpaid parking tickets may result in a hold being placed on student records. Safety and Security makes every effort to affix tickets to the front windshield, and are not responsible for lost or missing citations.

If you believe you have been ticketed in error, complete a ticket dispute form online or in person at the Safety and Security Department office and within 10 days of the date on the ticket.  A committee of staff and students (outside of Security) will review the dispute form and the registrant will be notified through the mail of the decision. If the appeal is found to be justified no fine will need to be paid. If issuance of the ticket is upheld, the registrant will need to pay the fine(s) at the billing office. Neither Security or the Billing Office can remove fines from student accounts. The decision of the Ticket Dispute Committee is final.

Vehicle registrants who have fines in excess of $75.00 or park in reserved spots will be subject to having their vehicle immobilized by the use of a boot. Once the vehicle is booted, the registrant will be charged a $40.00 administrative fee. All fines must be paid before the boot is removed unless payment arrangements can be made with the Student Billing Department.  The registrant of a booted vehicle who does not take appropriate action may be subject to having the vehicle towed from campus at their expense.

All overnight and school trip parking must be approved by the Safety and Security Department, who will inform vehicle operators of the areas they may park. Security reserves the right to tow vehicles from campus parking lots not designated for overnight or long-term parking.    SMCC makes every effort to provide parking to all members of the campus community, please realize that possessing a permit does not guarantee you a parking space on campus.