Hello and welcome to the 2015 SMCC Strategic Planning page!


We're excited to have a place on the portal to connect with you around the process of the strategic plan. This page will be an important part of the process going forward - we'll be using it to gather feedback from our SMCC community, to post updates and to share our 'wins' along the way. We invite you to participate at any level you choose. 


The strategic planning process being undertaken by SMCC is different from many you may have witnessed or of which you've been a part.  This process is designed to be highly participatory from as diverse a set of stakeholders as possible; every ‘idea nugget’ is valued and incorporated into the process; those nuggets are synthesized into values and goals and objectives, and – eventually -- action plans and budget lines. This process is very bottom-up and future-focused.  

Here’s a brief overview of the phases:


  • Phase I of the SP process was called the SMCC Community Café - an innovative campus-wide bottom up meeting of the minds of nearly 300 stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, administrators, advisory committee members, alumni, employers, etc.) to gather their input (their nuggets!)
  • Phase II, led by the 30-member Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) (also a diverse group of college and community stakeholders) and executive team focused on distilling the cafe input of more than 2000 separate ideas. Each nugget has been examined, categorized, discussed, and rolled into draft goals/objectives/actions. The College's Vision/Mission/Values are also being revisited and revised.
  • Phase III, a collaborative effort of the SPC, executive team, division chairs and management team (which includes SMCC’s “middle managers”), focuses on synthesizing the draft goals/objectives/actions into our highest level, aspirational vision of the next five years, while weaving in the NEASC standards and budgetary realities.
  • Phase IV will involve the entire community once again, beginning with Convocation 2015, to review the working draft and comment on the plan prior to its "final draft" stage. Phase IV will be concluded by final edits and adoption of the plan.
  • Phase V is implementation, including ongoing assessment of progress to goals, and celebration of achievements!


We are honored to be on this journey with you and thankful for all of you who have given of their time, energy and expertise! We welcome your continued participation and feedback!


Best, Michelle & Steve


Michelle Neujahr and Steve Willis

Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs

To learn about the cafe:

Strategic Planning Committee

Dan Abbott                     SMCC Faculty

Greg Andrews                 SMCC Resident Director

Jeffrey Badger                SMCC Faculty

Scott Beatty                    SMCC Dean of Administration

Tiffanie Bentley               SMCC Dean of Student Life

Ronald  Cantor                SMCC President

Ryan Caron                    Principal, South Portland HS

Manny Caulk                  Superintendent, Portland Schools

Paul Charpentier             SMCC Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Julie Chase                     SMCC Interim Dean, BCP

Linda Cohen                    South Portland City Council

Joan Cohen                     SMCC Foundation Exec Director

Rob Coombs                   SMCC Dean of Finance

Jeremy  Dill                    SMCC Registrar

Tim Dunne                     SMCC Dean of IT, CIO

Elizabeth Ehrenfeld         SMCC Faculty

Gayle Felker                  Administrative Coordinator, Maine Fire Science Institute

Anne Gauthier               SMCC Foundation Board, Texas Instruments

Jason Glynn                  SMCC Student Senate

Suzanne Godin              Superintendent, South Portland School District

Chris Hall                      Portland Regional Chamber CEO

Jill Hannaford                SMCC Executive Chef, McKernan Center

Odilia Harmon               SMCC, Coordinator of Student Success

Lorelei Hipkins              SMCC Student

Darla Jewett                 SMCC, Strategic Initiatives

Stacey   Kardash          SMCC Assistant Registrar

AnnaMarie Klein-Christie  Ripple Effect

Shane Long                  SMCC Director of Residence Life

Sandra Lynham              SMCC Director of Counseling & Disability Services

Joseph Manhardt            SMCC Director of Public Safety

Alan Marblestone            Oxford Networks

Jim McCormack              SMCC Facilities

Emily McFarlin                SMCC Student

Kaylene Mitchell             SMCC Dean of Effectiveness & Engagement

Dan Modifica                  SMCC Student Senate President

Michelle Neujahr            SMCC Faculty

Tom Nickerson              SMCC, TAACCCT Project Coordinator

Grace Noonan-Kaye      Strategic Planning Consultant

MaryJo  O'Connor          SMCC Faculty

Kyle O'Mallety               SMCC Student

Caleb Parent                 SMCC Student

Crystal   Pietrowicz        SMCC Faculty

Jay Reny                      SMCC Facilities and Project Manager

VickiRose Siegel           SMCC Midcoast Coordinator of Student Success

Janet Sortor                 SMCC Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs

Erik Squire                   SMCC Student

Kevin Sweeney             SMCC Faculty

Richard  Weeks            SMCC Student

James Whitten             SMCC Dean of Midcoast Campus

Matt Wickenheiser        SMCC Foundation Board, Bath Iron Works Director of PR

Stephen Willis              SMCC Faculty

Linda Winton                Bonnie Eagle Adult Ed

Gerard Zarrilli              SMCC Faculty


August 27-28, 2015

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Documents

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