Department Mission Statement

The mission of Communications & New Media Studies at SMCC is consistent with the published goals of the Maine Community College System. We value collaborative approaches to solving modern media-based problems and strive to engage people in the learning process. We believe that it is helpful to introduce students to "real world" experiences whenever possible.We believe in helping students develop strong "critical thinking" skills that will prepare them for future challenges in the community, the larger media market, and beyond. We will advocate for a learning environment that encourages all voices be heard. Modern communication is a global phenomenon and students should be encouraged, whenever possible, to explore communication trends in other parts of the world.


The Communication & New Media Studies' Department at SMCC is a unique entity that represents an academic field of study, a fully equipped Media Center with a video studio, 2 computer labs and the industry standard for editing and graphic design software. The department also represents a growing team of people who both teach, and learn, from one another in this special sea-side setting. The Media Center has been operating at the college since 1985 when it was first built as a Community Television (Public Access) program for residents of South Portland. The facility has always been accessible to people who want to share in this unique experience, and the users of this facility have always agreed to a set of basic user guidelines that protect everyone's rights while assuring a creative, managed media experience.