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The Nursing Department strives to be leaders in the nursing education community by providing nursing students with the knowledge, skills, and values to provide safe, quality, and compassionate patient care.  


The nursing faculty at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) believes that competent nursing practice is based on three core concepts: nursing process, caring, and professional behaviors.  Nursing process is a systematic method that uses critical thinking to provide structure to nursing practice for achieving positive outcomes.  Caring is the interaction of the nurse and client in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.  In this collaborative environment, the nurse provides support and compassion to help achieve desired outcomes.  Professional behaviors arise from valuing accountability, truthfulness, integrity and leadership.  These values are demonstrated by the provision of safe, ethical, and evidenced-based care in conjunction with other health care providers, resulting in the best possible client outcomes.  The nursing faculty is committed to providing an educational program that integrates theoretical knowledge with clinical practice to prepare graduates to meet the dynamic needs of their communities. Nursing faculty members evaluate the Nursing Program on an ongoing, systematic basis to ensure that the curriculum is cur rent and meets state and national standards for quality.


Educational and Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Nursing Program at SMCC are able to:
  1. Systematically apply the nursing process to provide care to clients in a variety of health care settings.
  2. Demonstrate client-centered caring behaviors and actions that result in an environment of respect and trust.
  3. Adhere to professional behaviors within the legal, ethical, and practical standards of the profession of nursing.



* Data from SMCC St.6 Community of Interest Detailed Report for 12/5/2020

  1. The programs annual licensure examination pass rate is 80% or greater for all first-time test takers during the same 12-month SMCC meets this goal at 92.50% The 3-year benchmark met at 93.50%
  2. At least 70% of entering students complete the Nursing Program within three years. The 3-year benchmark met at 76%
  3. At least 80% of graduates report employment in nursing within 6-12 months of graduation. SMCC rate of employment was 100%. 



Nursing 125


  1. Discuss the knowledge, behaviors, and skills required for lifelong learning and student success.
  2. Maintain accountability for policies and procedures of the SMCC Nursing Program and assigned clinical agency.
  3. Demonstrate personal ethics and values that are consistent with the Nursing Program philosophy and concepts.
  4. Implement safe and organized nursing interventions from an established care plan.
  5. Identify pertinent assessment data needed to make clinical decisions.
  6. Begin to use the nursing process to develop a patient care plan.
  7. Apply beginning verbal and written skills to communicate client data.
  8. Convey respect, dignity, compassion and sensitivity in interactions with clients and colleagues.


Nursing 175


  1. Apply legal, ethical and professional concepts to client care.
  2. Use established nursing practice standards when implementing and evaluating client care.
  3. Prioritize client needs and interventions based on assessment data.
  4. Safely provide care to clients within the context of their psychosocial, developmental and physical needs.
  5. Work with nursing staff and other disciplines to provide client care.
  6. Demonstrate progress in verbal and written communication skills with clients, support persons and professional staff.
  7. Based on the client’s learning needs, present information in relation to current care, discharge planning and health promotion.
  8. Develop a plan of care including the client’s psychosocial, physical, emotional and spiritual need


Nursing 225


  1. Maintain ethical and professional relationships with clients and colleagues.
  2. Identify external tools and processes to support clinical decision making.
  3. Examine the context in which clients receive care.
  4. Advocate for clients and families to promote optimal outcomes.
  5. Use the nursing process to support clinical decisions and implementation of safe care.
  6. Consistently provide safe care to clients with minimal supervision in a variety of settings.
  7. Plan teaching for clients, families and/or groups of clients in a variety of setting.
  8. Demonstrate sensitivity for cultural and ethnic concerns of clients and support persons.


Nursing 275


  1. Demonstrate the knowledge, behaviors, and skills for successful transition to professional nursing practice.
  2. Maintain legal, ethical and professional accountability when leading and managing the care of clients.
  3. Clarify interventions appropriate for clients in specialized settings and/or specific situations.
  4. Collaborate with members of the health care team and instructor to solve problems, facilitating achievement of client goals/outcomes.
  5. Use the nursing process to manage and meet client care needs.
  6. Delegate tasks and responsibilities of nursing care to team members in accordance with their level of education/skill.
  7. Determine health education needed to facilitate informed decision-making, achieve positive outcomes, and support self-care activities.
  8. Foster a caring environment with clients, support persons and colleagues.



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Approval and Accreditation

The SMCC Nursing Program is approved by:
   The Maine State Board of Nursing
    161 Capitol Street
   158 State House Station 
   Augusta, Maine 04333-0158
   Telephone: 207-287-1133
The SMCC Nursing Program is accredited by:
  Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
   3390 Peachtree Road, NE - Suite 1400
   Atlanta, Georgia 30326
   Telephone:   404-975-5000
   Fax:   404-975-5020
SMCC's Nursing Program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), Inc., 3343 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404-975-5000.

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